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Selling Tips to Make Prospects Buy your Software

Selling software shouldn’t really be much of a trouble, especially if you happen to be an experienced vendor  who knows his market all too well. Still, there is a need for tech companies to up their marketing game, and getting decision-makers to consider purchasing your product involves more than just reading up on Marketing “How-To’s.” […]

Why Back-up and Recovery Solutions Matter

As an owner of a company, you can never be too sure if things would go wrong. As we all know from Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Natural disasters, virus attacks and many other events that can bring your business down for the count are all there to stunt your […]

Sending Emails on Sunday? Are you Kidding me?!

  Email marketing has to be one of the best lead generation strategies out there. Because, for one, it is reliable. CampaignMonitor has noted that “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.” Marketing Sherpa on the other hand has found out that 72% of people prefer engaging promotional […]

Where to Find Qualified Solar Leads these Days?

Solar power has been one of many alternative energy sources that have cultivated a certain level of attention ever since people have opened up to the idea of environmental security. Then again, there is still a need for research institutions as well as governments to publicize the benefits of using solar panels. The US solar […]

Cat Meme-driven Marketing for the Uninitiated

Cat Meme-driven Marketing for the Uninitiated from Rebecca – The Savvy Marketer   Transcript: The internet isa nifty tool for many things. We use it to find information we need for a term paper we would hand in on the last minute. We use it to unwind by way of watching an obscure YouTube prank […]