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4 Signs that you’re Getting Positive Responses in your Content

Businesses no doubt can never live without having good content at their disposal. If anything, content creates establishes the difference between success and failure. So, marketers should always keep their eye on content that actually works in acquiring high-quality sales leads. But more than just creating content, businesses should also consider the complex task of […]

The 5 Success Factors of Multi-Channel Marketing Revealed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Multi-Channel Marketing Process is a way of communicating via different online and offline channels. It runs through a marketing automation tool that converges calling, sending emails, social networking, web, and mobile into a single yet most effective marketing tactic. Let’s find out what comprises of the multi-channel marketing success. Transcript: Calling The calling channel pipes in […]

40 B2B Sales Email Templates for Every Situation [Free PDF]

  Email is indispensable in B2B sales. There’s just no substitute for the speed and precision that email brings. That’s why 3 in 4 companies think email provides excellent ROI. But let’s face it, crafting email messages isn’t exactly as exciting as getting on a sales phone call or meeting with a prospect. Emails don’t […]

Google Warns (Yet Again!) about Article Creation and Link Building

A modern business can never survive without applying the most effective strategies to generate high quality leads. One of these tools that any business marketing executive can never live without is link-building. Indeed, you can never doubt the many benefits that link building can provide. On top of shepherding quality traffic towards your site, it […]

Old School Lead Generation for Financial Services

Companies in the financial services industry really know their stuff, but when it comes right down to lead generation and appointment setting, some of them need to brush up on the most important marketing strategies to leverage. In any case, financial services are a hard sell for the reason that potential clients are usually particular […]