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The Secret to Making Irresistible Offers: An IT Company’s Guide to Selling

The challenge remains for IT companies to engage more prospects and increase their sales margins. But in a highly versatile and dynamic market, the challenge turns out to be more daunting than it initially seemed. For some reason, this has been the result of increased competition, particularly in the web security and software development sectors. […]

Answering Quora: Why should you outsource your data cleansing and enhancement services?

Businesses today should know more than just to implement digital marketing strategies. B2B enterprises, in particular, should go beyond content and focus mostly on the crucial aspects of their marketing efforts. In terms of lead generation and appointment setting, businesses should always concentrate on establishing a robust marketing infrastructure. This involves a great deal of […]

A Software Company’s Guide to More Software Clients and More Sales

Companies in the Software industry often struggle with marketing their products and services. Much of this struggle involves applying the appropriate strategies to attract more clients and win more sales. Easier said than done, but it largely entails implementing the right process for converting site visitors into leads. For enterprises in the software business, this […]

4 Signs that you’re Getting Positive Responses in your Content

Businesses no doubt can never live without having good content at their disposal. If anything, content creates establishes the difference between success and failure. So, marketers should always keep their eye on content that actually works in acquiring high-quality sales leads. But more than just creating content, businesses should also consider the complex task of […]

The 5 Success Factors of Multi-Channel Marketing Revealed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Multi-Channel Marketing Process is a way of communicating via different online and offline channels. It runs through a marketing automation tool that converges calling, sending emails, social networking, web, and mobile into a single yet most effective marketing tactic. Let’s find out what comprises of the multi-channel marketing success. Transcript: Calling The calling channel pipes in […]