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Lead Generation Services for Manufacturing and Distribution

Callbox offers outsourced lead generation and sales support for manufacturing companies and distribution industry – from packaging, printing, electronic and computer manufacturers. Our experienced sales development team focused entirely on generating opportunities.

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Callbox Clients

Callbox Clients

Being a manufacturing and distribution company has become increasingly challenging.

It used to be you could get by on repeat business to generate revenue and word of mouth to bring in new customers, but nowadays, with so much competition, that just won’t cut it anymore. You have to have more ways to drum up sales or else you lose 1 or 2 clients and you could be facing an uphill battle.

Callbox’s B2B manufacturing lead generation service offers expert and hands-on support to build your sales pipeline and generate leads with measurable ROI.

Manufacturers Lead Generation
  • Reach engineers, industrial professionals, and manufacturing buyers

    Increase your brand’s chances of getting noticed by connecting with multiple decision makers and stakeholders

  • Warm-up prospects and nurture them closer to conversion

    Communicate with your prospects on a more personal level – educate, engage, and delight them with tailored content and messaging.

  • Optimize your sales and increase your revenue

    Focus your sales on the opportunities with the best chance of becoming your customers and start closing deals faster.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help

The Client manufactures and distributes industrial supplies such as decorative stainless steel sheets and other ornamental products used in interior fit-out project.

96 Sales Appointments
46 Follow-ups
42 Requests for Information

More than a decade of generating high-quality Manufacturing leads

Using our multi-touch, multi-channel approach, Callbox provides a steady stream of manufacturing and distribution leads for manufacturing companies including:

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