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In marketing, you must be where your customers are. It’s a challenge, especially since customers today have much more control over the buying process than marketers do. Thanks to the proliferation of available channels, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to how they want to get information. But if customers today have more choices, there are also more ways to reach them than we could have imagined not so long ago. Callbox understands that. And that’s why we developed — and perfected — this AI-Powered, Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Approach that turns prospects into qualified sales leads in half the time than it usually does.

Multi-touch Multichannel Marketing

1 Email

Targeted Email

Callbox, leveraging the advanced Callbox GPT, initiates contact through targeted email – that is, having attention-grabbing subject lines, brief but precise body text, and compelling calls to action, which almost always guarantees better open and reply rates. Thousands of initial and follow-up emails are sent via Callbox’s AI-driven email system — fully equipped with open-and-click tracking, and KPI reporting.

2 Voice

Voice - Smart Calling

To generate conversations and responses from prospects, Callbox’s SMART Calling System facilitates outbound calls – by analyzing email open and response times and other online activity, SMART Calling makes sure prospects that are most reachable at any given moment are moved to the top of the calling list, resulting to higher conversion rates for your campaign.

3 Social

Social Media

Callbox social media feature allows the team to systematically scour the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in the contact list. The client may also opt to have Callbox send out messages to all connections made to maximize chances of generating leads.

4 HubSpot Live Chat

Hubspot Live Chat

With HubSpot’s free live chat installed in your website, Callbox representatives are available for 24/5 live chat that will allow your web visitors to talk to your Callbox team in real-time, allowing for quicker conversion. Qualified prospects identified via chat sessions are entered into your Target List and appropriately tagged and nurtured via both manual and automated touchpoints.

5 Website

Landing Page Optimization

We design, build and optimize landing pages to increase campaign conversions and help you build a database of leads. Our landing pages serve as the campaign hub, offering information and resources to prospects, and powerful online forms to collect lead information. Submissions are automatically sent to your HubSpot CRM for easier management and qualification.

6 Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

We leverage instant messaging as a powerful tool to nurture leads, follow up with prospects, and confirm, remind, and/or reschedule sales appointments. Your Callbox team utilizes messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and SMS to effectively communicate with prospects. Whether it’s answering questions, providing valuable resources, or simply checking in to see how they’re doing, we are always available to provide personalized, timely 1:1 touchpoints.

7 Events

Webinar Events

Webinars are great for every business. With webinars, you can engage your audience in different ways such as educating them about a certain subject in your field, explain your complicated product/solution, sell without being too aggressive, generate new leads, or nurture your current or future customers. You can choose to incorporate webinars in your Callbox campaign to complement the other channels and tactics that we use. Callbox helps you plan, promote, run, and manage online events. We take care of the end-to-end marketing of your webinar, from planning, all the way to the wrap-up.

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