Cross-border Marketing and Sales Development

Cross-border Marketing and Sales Development

Take your brand to new territories, reach more global customers and increase your revenue

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Broadening Horizons, Callbox Expands into Latin America
  • We are happy to announce our expansion into Latin America with the opening of an office in Medellin, Colombia. This expansion provides a gateway into not just Colombia, but the entirety of Central and South America, acting as a center of operations within Latin America.
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Helping you succeed internationally

As business operations such as marketing, sales and recruitment become more and more internet-driven, the case for globalization grows even stronger. Companies of all sizes are establishing operations in foreign markets in order to remain competitive and capture new growth opportunities.

Callbox helps organizations move beyond domestic sales and marketing and tap into global markets with our global sales data, region-focused lead generation, and sales development services.

Cross Border Marketing

Global sales data and insights

Whether you’re planning to expand to multiple territories or a single region, our global database of companies and contacts gives you access to a whole new set of customers which means a new source of revenue for your business. By increasing your customer base, you also increase your sales even if you have saturated your markets domestically.

Regional expertise and experience

Regional expertise and experience

Leverage our multi-region expertise and experience. The Callbox team becomes your regional marketing arm allowing you to scale faster and effectively by letting us handle the tasks that require considerable resources such as market research, prospect list building, set up, etc.

With Callbox, you can pull ahead of your competitors by carving out a bigger slice of the international markets. Or even better – capture foreign markets before your competitors do.

Infrastructure, technology and resources

Infrastructure, technology and resources

Focus on growing your brand and free yourself from the worries of setting up a localized sales and marketing infrastructure. Callbox takes care of the technology, resources, and all the components needed to establish and carry out an effective go-to market strategy.

Aside from your dedicated Callbox team, your expansion campaign includes:

  • Multi-channel account-based marketing
  • Leads and accounts management
  • Sales development and support
  • HubSpot CRM setup, onboarding and integration
  • …and more!

Globalization gives your company many benefits. By tapping into foreign territories, you unlock new revenue potential, improve your company’s reputation, outpace your competition, capture foreign investment opportunities, get access to greater talent, and take your business to new heights.

Find out how we can help you build further from your domestic success by expanding your business overseas. Get in touch now.