Callbox Channel Partner Program

Become a Callbox Channel Partner

As a Callbox Channel Partner, you’ll gain access to resources, programs and tools that will help you build and deliver successful growth solutions to your customers.

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What is the Callbox Channel Partner Program?

The Calbox Channel Partner Program enables agencies and service providers to expand their offerings by leveraging Callbox’s sales and marketing expertise.

What is Callbox Channel Partner Program

What do I Get?

Expanded Offering More Customers

Expanded offering. More customers.

As a Callbox Channel Partner, you have the option of offering Callbox services under the Callbox name or white labeled under your own brand. Callbox services include Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Database Enrichment, and Event/Webinar Marketing. We’ll also provide you with the necessary resources, tools, and support so you can effectively integrate Callbox services into your standard offering.

Flexibility in Packaging and Pricing

Flexibility in Packaging and Pricing

You are entitled to the Special Channel Partner Rate for our packages and you maintain full ownership of the pricing scheme for your customers. This means you have the flexibility to package and price our service as it is or at your preferred rates.

Customer Success Team

Customer Success Team

Callbox will provide the Client with an experienced team comprised of the following:

  • Client Success Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Dedicated Sales Development Rep
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Marketing Specialist
  • Research and Data Analyst
  • Quality Analyst

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