Lead Generation Services and Appointment Setting

Callbox brings you one step closer to your next closed sale. That’s because we don’t just look for leads—we find customers for you.

Fill your sales pipeline with warm and qualified leads

Callbox provides targeted lead generation and appointment setting services to:

  • Provide you with qualified sales opportunities
  • Help you reach and engage potential customers
  • Boost your conversion and close rates

With 14 years of lead generation experience in specialized industries, we take steps to make sure we represent your brand and deliver your message on point. Our team works with you at every stage of the project – from planning, all the way to results.

Our Multi-touch Multi-channel Marketing approach sets the stage for your brand to reach your target decision makers through our phone, email, social and online outreach.

We tailor our lead generation and appointment setting services to deliver what your business needs – qualified sales leads and appointments.

Be it Customer Acquisition, Lead Qualification, Data Profiling or Event Marketing, you can exceed your target sales numbers and win new customers.

Callbox Account-based Marketing Process

  • Identify

    compile a list of companies that match your target customer profile

  • Expand

    profile key prospects and stakeholders within target companies

  • Engage

    connect with prospects across all channels using relevant communication media

  • Convert

    set and confirm appointments with the right people

Exceed your sales targets.

Callbox is proud to help the world’s most successful brands achieve their sales and marketing goals

I love the integrity with which you work. I’m so grateful to have you on my team, I love the passion with which you do your step of our process.

Ian Warner, CEO, Aprio Governance Information Software

I had a wonderful experience with Callbox starting from the Sales team to the Campaign Execution team. For us, they are an extension of our sales & marketing team. They can execute well if given good guidance in the beginning of the campaign. They do not shy away from putting extra work in making your campaign successful. It is a hard working, talented team and I would love to continue to work with the team in the future for 2015 campaigns.

Shilpi Sharma, Kvantum Inc.

Both our prospects today have signed up (verbally) to the system! Well done – you’re doing such an awesome job.

Helen Joronen, CEO, Greenkeeper Systems

They tell me that I am lucky to have such a great person working for me. I am so thankful to Tricia, to you and to your entire team for working so hard to make me look so good!

Dwight Holcomb, Managing Director, HC Development, Inc.

How we help businesses succeed

Complete Multi-channel Lead Management and Automation Platform

How We Help Businesses Succeed

The Callbox Process for Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns

How Our Lead Generation Service Works:

Let the Proven Callbox Process Work For You

How Our Lead Generation Service Works:

Let the Proven Callbox Process Work For You

Take a look at our proven process for successful Lead Generation.

Having worked with thousands of clients from around the world for more than 14 years has given us valuable experience and insight into what works best and produces results.

Callbox Pipeline

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No complicated set-up or clunky interface

Reach and engage your prospects with ease and efficiency

No complicated set-up or clunky interface

Reach and engage your prospects with ease and efficiency

Callbox Pipeline is a multi-touch, multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform that integrates call center power with lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing. Sign up for any of our services and instantly enjoy these benefits of Callbox Pipeline and more:

  • DataMiner – Build lists of up-to-date business contacts from Callbox’s global database
  • Sales Campaigns – Run targeted call and email campaigns
  • Lead Scoring – Score leads based on how they fit in with your business and the interest they show in your offering
  • Live Touchpoints – View calls by your Callbox team, email opens and replies, and website visits as they happen
  • Mobile Streams – Access updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks and notifications across mobile browsers
  • Auto Triggers and Actions – Nurture your leads by defining the next move for any given status of your sales prospect
  • Real-time Notifications – Send and receive timely alerts so you can respond promptly to actions taken by your prospects

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