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Skip the legwork of generating qualified leads, sales appointments or attendees, and go straight to closing deals. Callbox uncovers the best sales opportunities so you don’t have to.


How to Help Your Sales Team Generate Their Own Leads

Oct 26, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time and Oct 28, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time

Callbox is the largest B2B lead generation and sales support services company trusted by businesses in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and around the world to be their consistent provider of sales opportunities. By being their remote marketing arm, we help companies across industries like IT and Software, Manufacturing, Management Consulting, Healthcare, Finance, and Advertising find the best quality leads and sales appointments with the greatest chance of becoming profitable customers.

Backed by quality data, skilled people and a robust marketing tech stack, we set your company up for success with account-based marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales enablement tools that work together to power your customer acquisition by providing a steady stream of leads to your sales teams, be they office-based or working offsite.


Callbox Reviews

The Callbox team managed to keep us busy through these turbulent times.

Under the COVID-19 situation, while our sales team and most of our prospects are forced to work from home in Hong Kong, they would connect our prospects over phone, set-up online appointments and online demo for our sales team. We are very thankful to have Callbox as our extended marketing team, and helping us to connect with high-quality prospects.

— Terrie Cheung
Terrie Cheung avatar

The Callbox team that has been assigned to our campaign has been outstanding.

We engaged Callbox a couple of months ago to help us with our outbound lead generation efforts. We’ve already made the decision to double the amount of Callbox resources that we have assigned to our project because we’re really pleased with the results so far, we want to do a lot more.

— Jon Kaplan
Jon Kaplan avatar

How Our Lead Generation Service Works

Run successful Appointment Setting and Lead Generation campaigns powered by our Account-based Marketing approach.

Having worked with thousands of clients from around the world for more than 15 years has given us valuable experience and insights into what works best and produces results.

  • Account-based Marketing Step: Identify icon
    compile a list of companies that match your target customer profile
  • Account-based Marketing Step: Expand icon
    profile key prospects and stakeholders within target companies
  • Account-based Marketing Step: Engage icon
    connect with prospects across all channels using relevant communication media
  • Account-based Marketing Step: Convert icon
    set and confirm appointments with the right people

How We Help Businesses Grow

As a B2B lead generation services provider and an extension of your company, we handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers for you. Using targeted 1:1 touches across multiple channels, we warm up prospects and handoff win-ready leads to accelerate your sales and grow your revenue.

Multi-touch, multi-channel Marketing wheel
  1. Send Personalized Emails
  2. Send Event-triggered Emails
  1. Call Opens from Intro Email
  2. Call Opens from Follow-up Email
  1. Invite to Connect
  2. Send Follow-up Email
  1. 24/7 Sales Chat Support
  2. Forward Qualified Leads
  3. Follow-up Warm Prospects via Call & Email
  1. Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects
  2. Identify Prospects that Visit Your Website
  3. Follow-up Prospects via Call & Email
  1. Promote the webinar
  2. Facilitate the webinar
  3. Measure the webinar’s performance
Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.

Get your marketing running on all gears.

By combining the power of our in-house campaign management platform, Callbox Pipeline, and the highly-rated sales and marketing software, HubSpot, we create a more seamless, end-to-end customer acquisition process to drive your sales and grow your revenue.

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