ABM-Focused Campaigns Double Sales Opportunities for Managed Cloud Firm (Featured Image)


ABM-Focused Campaigns Double Sales Opportunities for Managed Cloud Firm


Client information


The Client is an Austin, TX-based company that provides managed cloud solutions tailored for the security, middleware, and database needs of enterprise customers. The Client primarily targets organizations operating in industries with complex regulatory and compliance requirements.


Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Florida


Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Insurance


CIO, CTO, CFO, CEO, Managing Director


The Client, an Austin, TX-based managed cloud services provider with Fortune Global 500 customers in a number of countries worldwide, wanted to expand its market presence much closer to home with an intensified push for increased market share in over a dozen U.S. states.

With the help of its newly launched ABM program, the company has already made some progress toward this planned expansion. Their ABM effort has so far added 97 candidate strategic accounts into their pipeline after a full year of implementation.

The Client, however, understood they need to scale this up in order to make their funnel numbers work. They aimed to apply a tiered approach at selecting accounts during the program’s second year.

Under their tier-based ABM strategy, the company segments accounts into two main tiers according to how potential companies match the target customer profile:

  • Tier 1 Accounts: Best-fit companies requiring hyper-targeted, market-of-one engagement
  • Tier 2 Accounts: The rest of their target accounts that still require targeted and personalized messaging but not a market-of-one approach; consists of two further sub-segments based on industry group

In order for their internal team to exclusively focus their time and resources on selling to Tier 1 accounts, the Client planned to let a B2B marketing service provider handle the top-of-funnel activities for the Tier 2 segment.

The company set three main goals that their partner marketing agency should help them achieve:

  • Increase the quantity and quality of target accounts in all Tier 2 sub-segments
  • Navigate each target account’s org chart to identify all relevant decision makers
  • Initiate contact and set the stage for the Client’s reps to convert and close promising prospects


  • Completed two account-based appointment setting campaigns that engaged senior-level decision makers from large U.S.-based enterprises
  • Targeted 3 separate decision-maker groups in each potential account with personalized messaging and unique lead nurture path
  • Doubled the number of strategic accounts and qualified opportunities in the Client’s sales pipeline


Results of Appointment Setting Campaign for Cloud Provider


The Client chose Callbox after being referred by one of their top customers, which also happened to be a long-time Callbox partner.

Since the Client wanted Callbox to target the two sub-segments under their Tier 2 account category, a separate three-month account-based appointment setting campaign was planned for each sub-segment. These campaigns were carried out consecutively and consisted of the following main activities:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The first campaign targeted manufacturing and distribution companies with enterprise compute workloads that were already running or in need of being migrated to the Cloud.
  2. The second campaign reached out to financial services and insurance firms that needed all workloads to be transferred to the Cloud.
  3. The second campaign reached out to financial services and insurance firms that needed all workloads to be transferred to the Cloud.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The two campaigns targeted three main buyer groups in each account: influencers (CEOs and Managing Directors), technical buyers (CIOs and CTOs), and economic buyers (CFOs).
  2. The Client provided additional information on past deals to help refine the target buyer profiles under each decision-maker group.
  3. Each entry in the account and prospect lists was thoroughly checked by a database QA team and had to be approved by the Client before being used in the two campaigns.

Multi-touch, Multi-channel Outreach

  1. Both campaigns followed a unique lead nurture path and personalized messaging strategy for each of the three decision-maker groups.
  2. A data-driven outreach cadence that combined phone, email, and LinkedIn touches was developed and executed for each lead nurture path.
  3. Pipeline, Callbox’s own CRM and marketing automation tool, served as the main hub of the two campaigns, where activities were orchestrated and the project was managed.


Each of the two campaigns was completed in a three-month interval, for a total of six months of account-based appointment setting activities.

Both campaigns showed very effective use of outreach channels and touches, with the following highlights:

  • Phone: 2,798 conversations with decision makers
  • Email: 32% open rate, 9% CTR, 3.7% reply rate
  • LinkedIn: 67% InMail reply rates, 112 new connections

The consolidated ABM results for the two campaigns include:

  • Accounts touched: 4,993
  • Average touches per account: 10.1
  • Average contacts per account: 4.0

In total, the two campaigns handed off 86 qualified appointments (sales-qualified leads) to the Client’s reps. This figure almost doubles what the Client’s own team can produce in a similar period. Additionally, the two campaigns have also generated a total of 144 marketing-qualified leads (completed leads, requests for information, and follow-ups).

These results suitably exceeded the Client’s expectations. This is why the Client has expressed interest in tapping Callbox to handle its future ABM outreach campaigns.


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