The Best Channels You Can Use To Generate More B2B Healthcare Leads

The Best Channels You Can Use To Generate More B2B Healthcare Leads

The decade is still young, and while it still is, it’s the right time to determine which marketing channels you should be looking out for and getting rid of the outdated ones because the truth of the matter is that while creating content is the foundation of your lead generation strategy, the distribution part is the driving force behind it. It’s crucial because no matter how great your content is and how much time you’ve invested in it if no one gets to see it, your content won’t generate leads.

In the healthcare industry, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and oftentimes be the innovator yourself, and in order to offer you guidance in determining which marketing channels will fit your needs as an industry the best, we have curated a list of marketing channels you can leverage. 


Podcasts have been around for many years already and their popularity keeps growing especially in recent years. It has become a simultaneously entertaining and powerful tool to share news, interesting stories and ideas. More and more businesses have started using podcasts to their advantage and so has the healthcare industry. 

People are more inclined to tune into a podcast episode rather than a radio segment these days. The beauty of podcasts is that unlike radio shows, there is no time constraint on the content that you want to make here. The duration is completely in your hands. However, it’s also crucial to know that just because you have an hour-long podcast doesn’t mean your audience will stay for the whole segment unless it can truly capture their interest. The best way to go about this medium is for you to create a show that showcases as many facets of your business as possible, tackling relevant issues and bringing in real practicing professionals of your industry. 

Here are great examples of the top medical podcasts crafted specifically for healthcare professionals for you to draw some inspiration from. 

TEDTalks: Science and Medicine

Having been around for almost two decades now, TED is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas and opinions in the form of talks ranging from any topic you can think of. This particular series focuses on topics surrounding Medicine and Science where the talks are led by world-renowned medical professionals and scientists from various backgrounds. 

Bedside Rounds

Hosted by academic global health hospitalist, Dr. Adam Rodman, the Bedside Rounds podcast is a collection of narrative stories in clinical medicine. They are short, entertaining and enlightening stories from both history and modern medicine.

Everyday Emergency

This podcast gives you true stories from people who are on the frontline of humanitarian emergencies all over the world. It is also a nonprofit organization, Doctors Without Borders, that run this podcast. They share interesting talks with medical and logistical experts who offer medical care where it is needed the most in the world. 

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It comes as no surprise that competition in today’s market is cutthroat. Marketers keep trying to figure out and come up with new marketing strategies, and the one thing that keeps getting even more competitive is SEO. It has always been seen as the greatest online marketing channel, and the good news is that it keeps evolving.

We encourage to not take your Search Engine Optimization for granted. The healthcare industry is such a thriving industry that if SEO is incorporated efficiently, it’s going to be well on its way to success. Whether you’re operating a big healthcare company or a small start-up one, prioritizing SEO for your website is very important. Not only does it drive traffic to your website, but it’s also a powerful tool for converting your visitors into qualified leads. When people keep searching the internet for answers to their current issues and questions, they are also most likely to sign up for a free trial or a consultation with you so you can provide them with the help that they are looking for.

The golden key is the right use and distribution of your keywords throughout your content so that it will have a higher chance of appearing on top of the search page. Another good strategy here is to hyperlink all of your cluster pages to your pillar page so as to give it an organic boost. The higher the boost, the higher your page will go up in ranks on the SEO. 

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People would think that email has long become obsolete in the past years but in reality, it is nowhere near its time of extinction. Right now, email is still one of the best ways to subscribe to your favorite online publications. It will be a good channel for healthcare businesses to recommend their publications and content with loyal subscribers as well as reaching out to prospects. Annual or quarterly newsletters being sent through email is also a great way to keep your clients engaged.

Engagement isn’t only limited to social media and your respective platforms. Engaging through email with your audience makes it more personal and builds a better relationship between you and your audience. 

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Social Media

There really is no escape from the behemoth that is social media. You cannot remove it from everyday life, and if one chooses to remove itself from social media it’s almost equivalent to coming off the radar. Nowadays, you’ll see every single industry jumping onto social media which is a great move forward for any business. 

Millions of brands have promoted their content on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for years that oftentimes it can cause too much noise across these platforms. The key, especially for the health industry, to push through the noise is by creating content that is engaging particularly for video and photo content. Constantly communicate and interact with your audience, current subscribers and prospects. In regards to links, yes, they are more than welcome, more than helpful, but also find a good balance in knowing when it’s appropriate to provide a link and posting insightful status updates or direct content onto your platform instead to keep them engaged at the moment so as not to lose momentum.

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