Get to Know Them: Different Types of Cloud Buyers


There is no person that’s an exact replica of the next person.

Different strokes for different folks” as the saying goes.

One may be more talkative than the other. Another is a party person and the other is a homebody.

Just as your buyers are also different from each other.

As marketers, you have to identify the different types of buyers so you can align your strategies accordingly.

Let’s take a look at the different types of buyer profiles in cloud selling.


These buyers are already heavily dependent on the cloud.

When cloud buying, they put performance and scalability as their main criteria.

Action Approach

Tailor your marketing messages in line with next-gen buyer requirements.


These buyers want efficiency, so they start slowly moving some of their workloads to the Cloud.

They maintain a mix between public and private cloud components in their IT portfolio.

Action Approach

Choose a given cloud solution that has a workload-specific advantage and use that to convince their need for one.

Security Awareness

These cloud buyers want to become public cloud users but are holding back due to security factors.

Action Approach

Make transparency about technical security measures a priority and demonstrate compliance with industry-specific requirements


Buyers who are price-conscious base their cloud investments on cost savings.

Their main goal is to get practicality to make their workload easier and cost-efficient.

Action Approach

Offer them different service bundles that have different price points they can choose from.

Slow and Steady

Also known as the ‘traditional’ customers who have not migrated to Cloud yet.

The root of their hesitation comes from different factors such as regulation, compliance, security issues, and organizational inertia

Action Approach

Though they haven’t given in to the cloud just yet, they are willing to learn and explore it.

Be patient with these buyers, and continue encouraging them by presenting the benefits of using a cloud system.


I’m sure you’ve encountered these types of buyers already, and we hope that our tips help you gain a better understanding on how to approach them.

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