Last Minute Easter Marketing Ideas To Eggcite Your B2B Clients

Today is Easter, and everyone is excited and celebrating the holidays with their families.

So, we’ve put together a list of quick marketing ideas that you can set into motion in no-time

Just in time before you go into full-on holiday mode.

Blog About Something New

Easter is deeply connected with new beginnings, so try to talk about something new in your blogs this Easter.

Personalized Emails

Show your appreciation for your clients through simple personalized thank-you greetings.

Digital Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone loves a good easter egg hunt. It’s not just for kids.

Announce to your audience that you’ve hidden different Easter eggs on your website and whoever finds them gets a prize!

Fun, right?

Get Festive on Social Media

Engage with your audience in fun Easter celebration posts while still keeping your content timely and relevant.


There you have it!

Have fun and go to town putting your last-minute marketing activities together just in time for Easter.

Callbox wishes you a Happy Easter!

Author Bio:

Judy Caroll

Judy Caroll is a marketing executive at Callbox. She is a blogger, online marketer and loves to share with you the best stuff in sales and marketing. Follow Judy on Twitter and Google+.