World’s Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a global systems integrator and provider of end-to-end enterprise IT and software solutions. Its service portfolio includes strategic outsourcing, IT consulting, application management, training, small business services, asset recovery, and software services. It serves a huge client base in 170 countries with several business partners around the world.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to expand its market and open new accounts in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as in selected US cities. Not being satisfied with the performance of its previous telemarketing provider, they actively sought for a better lead generation carrier.

The Client had the following requirements for this campaign:

  1. Highly flexible, non-scripted telemarketing approach to fit the different needs of various sets of projects.
  2. Technically sound telemarketers to promote the Client’s software and IT products, and answer technical questions from prospects.
  3. Excellent lead generation and appointment setting skills to produce substantial business leads in a limited time.

Having raised the bar, and seeing Callbox’s previous experience in B2B lead generation for multi-level marketing campaigns, the Client greenlighted the partnership.

The Callbox Solution

A brief kick-off meeting was held where the Callbox agents were trained on how to present the Client’s offerings including fourteen different software and three hardware products. The Client instructed Callbox to generate a database of potential customers in the Asia Pacific and North America. To their amazement, Callbox had already prepared a comprehensive list of contacts from its own contacts database. With the entire team geared up, the calling campaign started without delay.

Customer Nurturing Campaigns

Callbox deployed three customer nurturing projects designed to identify and communicate with the Client’s business partners in Malaysia and in the US. For the first campaign, the Callbox team was tasked to introduce the Client’s reseller incentive programs, and promote their new products and services. It was followed by two more projects aimed to verify the contact details of the Client’s business partners and to update them on the new reseller certification courses offered by the Client through its continuing education program.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns

The next set of campaigns was a lead generation project launched to support the Client’s marketing team in the US and Asia-Pacific. One campaign was launched on behalf of its business partners in Singapore to market a back-up storage solution. Time was of the essence in this campaign, and Callbox was given three weeks to call prospects and deliver as many leads as it could generate. It was soon followed by a much bigger campaign aimed at generating sales leads for sixteen Client Business Partners in four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the US). The density of the campaign was a huge challenge. Callbox submitted daily and weekly reports so that the Client’s salespeople could respond to new leads and appointments without delay. Lead distribution was facilitated through PipelineCRM, allowing the Client a real-time dashboard view of lead activity.


The five successive campaigns ran flawlessly for over a year, generating excellent results for the Client:

  • Callbox produced a total of five hundred qualified leads resulting in increased sales activity among the Client’s salespeople.
  • New accounts were opened adding significantly to the Client’s customer base.
  • Callbox was able to contact and work with the Client’s fifty business partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pleased with the competence, exactness, and success of Callbox’s performance the Client’s business partners often expressed satisfaction:

You are a great gun. Keep it up, mate. Good work. This team is good. The information provided and quality of leads is much, much better than what we had from two other options we had earlier. This is real call success rate. This team is giving similar results to what our own internal team was doing. Finally, we have something working.

I am pleased to say that the team has done a very good job of calling and generating leads for our organisation. I am sure we will have another round of campaigns with your team very, very soon. Loved the way your team works timely reports, timely information regards the leads, proper scripts. Good. Keep it up!! Best part is you understood what we are selling and devised your own process & ways to help us position & qualify a lead. Very Good.

Since then, the Client continued to renew contracts regularly and invited Callbox to take part in their annual ASEAN and NorthAm marketing plans.

Print Solutions Firm Peaks Lead Generation Campaign with Callbox ABM

The Client

The Client is a leading managed print solutions provider of a wide range of office printers, multifunction devices, copiers, and software solutions to help manage information and workflows efficiently. Their 60-year experience in document management outsourcing has served over 15,000 customers across 160 countries.

The Challenge

The Client has engaged a number of marketing methods in the past, but none of the campaigns brought good results. They searched for a more straightforward lead generation strategy that could provide quality leads and expand their database.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management which included Voice, Email, Chat, Web, and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support that provided Training, Setup and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRMs.
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to generate qualified sales leads and business appointments for the Client’s sales team to keep them constantly engaged in revenue-generating activities. 

The campaign involved two key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, location and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The campaign’s target prospects were IT Manager/Director, Managing Director, CIO, CTO, CFO
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type.


The 6-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign delivered 132 Sales Qualified Leads, 55 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 157 Social Media Connections.

Upstart Storage Company Beats Launching Turnout Target in a Flash

The Client

The Client is a US-based all-flash enterprise storage company that enables broad deployment of flash in data centers. Founded in 2009, the company was named a silver winner in the Enterprise Product of the Year in Best in Biz Awards 2011, and the Wall Street Journal 2012 Technology Innovation Awards. It was also selected for the Red Herring Top 100 Americas Award in 2012, and was among the top 25 best places to work in Silicon Valley.

The Challenge

In January 2014, the Client hired Callbox for an appointment setting campaign targeting prospects from Fortune 1000 companies in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. With its market rapidly growing, the company scheduled an official launching of its Singapore office in May of the same year, and organized an RSVP campaign.

About a week before the event, the company realized that it was coming up short of its goal of 80 registrations. The company’s country manager for Singapore approached Callbox to run an event telemarketing campaign, with a goal to come up with 17 additional leads to complete its initial goal of 80 registrations.

With only two days to plan and execute the campaign, the challenge for Callbox was to develop a quick and engaging approach in order to generate as many confirmed registrations as possible, while carefully considering the Client’s qualification requirements.

The Callbox Solution

The overall effort began on May 14 and involved two phases: 1) creating and segmenting a calling list, and 2) setting up an RSVP campaign through outbound telemarketing.

The goal of the entire campaign was three-fold:

  1. To create awareness of company and its technology
  2. To provide information about the event (date, venue, etc.)
  3. To register qualified leads (i.e., confirmed RSVPs)

Time was of the essence in this campaign so Callbox made sure to keep the outreach highly targeted, supplementing the Client’s calling list with its own segmented contact database. This allowed the team to focus on pre-qualified targets, achieving a 35% positive contact rate, instead of wasting its limited time calling contacts that fell outside its target market.


In just two days of actual calling, Callbox completed the required number of registrations, hitting the Client’s target right on the nose, and exceeding its attendance projection by a significant margin.

  • 17 additional leads (confirmed RSVPs)
  • 57 attendees excluding members of the press (Client’s projection was 40)
  • 10 press members attending the press briefing

From this campaign, Callbox also left the Client’s inside sales team with 78 leads to follow-up, including 12 who requested for additional information.

High-profile companies at the event included StarHub, Global Foundries, Bank of America, and Maybank Singapore, among others. After the campaign, the Client re-contracted for an appointment setting campaign with Callbox.

Callbox: Providing Sales Support to One of the Largest Business Software Companies

The Client

The Client is the world’s third largest business software company. It has branches in over 30 countries and offers a full range of enterprise business software including:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Financial management
  • Human capital management
  • Performance management
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supply chain management, including business specific inventory management, transportation logistics and warehouse management software

The Client’s goal is to provide the best software experience and a lower total cost of ownership for their customers. To meet customers’ long-term needs, they provide an evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation.

The Challenge

The Client didn’t have the in-house expertise to run a lead generation and lead management campaign, nor did they have the database tools to support one. To achieve their objectives, they needed a partner to develop and execute a comprehensive lead generation, qualification and appointment-setting program to capture greater market share for their business software solutions. While the company had a dominant market share in the industry, it lacked the support for their sales people to handle leads and prospect profiling.

With the rapidly increasing number of individuals from various companies across all industries downloading information from the Client’s website, it was crucial for them to:

  • Profile and qualify all individuals using their website
  • Strengthen their sales force capabilities in handling the profiling and qualification

Calls had to be made across the Asia Pacific Region to verify the records of individuals and companies that downloaded files from the Client’s website. Qualification was necessary, as the Client wanted to ensure that their website visitors/prospects could be considered warm leads before their sales team pursued them. Aside from verification and qualification, the Client also needed a support team to call and invite prospects and customers to various company-sponsored events throughout Asia.

The Callbox Solution

The Client teamed up with Callbox to carry out:

Lead Generation

Lead Generation through outbound cold calling to generate leads and appointments for the Client’s sales force.

The Client’s target market consisted of prospects who were looking for business-specific solutions to address their challenges and produce tangible results. Callbox’s sales force used cold calling to identify and qualify prospects for the Client. Qualifying questions determined:

  • Determine whether the prospects wanted to evaluate a new software solution.
  • Determine business pains and/or areas of interest to find a fit between prospects’ needs and Client’s solution offerings.
  • Identify the type of software prospects were using and for how long they’ve been using it.
  • Find out if prospects would be interested if presented with a new solution.

Callbox executed the cold-calling campaign using the list of target contacts provided by the Client. Agents who were assigned to this campaign used a customized spreadsheet to keep track of all call results. Calls were categorized as lead completed, not interested, competitor, invalid, duplicate, no action needed, etc., and were assigned to each respective column on the spreadsheet for easy reporting and evaluation. Leads generated from the calling campaign were posted on the Pipeline CRM to be reviewed by the Client and feedbacks were discussed. Callbox provided daily and monthly reports on pipeline activity and campaign status.

Customer Profiling

Profiling and updating the client’s prospect data base with up-to-date business and contact information.

The Client provided Callbox with their list of prospects and clients. The Callbox Team verified and updated all possible contact information by phone, including email addresses.


Callbox provided total sales and marketing support by carrying out several call-to-invite campaigns, inviting the Client’s customers and prospects to attend company-sponsored events in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The Callbox Team then followed up every call with an email. Aside from company sponsored events, the Client also held webinars. Callbox callers invited guests to these webinars and also confirmed attendance for the Client.

Campaign Reporting

Online, web-based reporting across all aspects of the project, its progress, and statistics which included lead distribution and appointments set.

The Callbox solution provided the Client with a steady, predictable flow of qualified sales opportunities as well as a systematic methodology for tracking every opportunity and evaluating sales force effectiveness.

The Client has a very accurate and predictable sales pipeline. By the time the prospect was ready to truly engage with them, they already had complete information about their prospects and their companies.


With the Callbox Team averaging 2000 calls monthly, verifying contact information of current customers, qualifying prospective clients, and setting appointments for the Client’s sales team, the Client experienced a significant increase in conversion rates.

Backed by Callbox’s own Pipeline CRM, the Client enjoyed easy tracking and monitoring of all leads. The Client was also able to consistently improve service offerings through call recordings made available by Callbox.

Since then, the Client has been renewing on a month-to-month basis with new campaigns — lead generation, call-to-invite and profiling for different types of products. Pleased with the overall performance of Callbox, the Client provides sales training for the team, conducted at the start of every campaign. The smooth integration of sales and marketing with disciplined lead management resulted in increased sales and also provided total control over the customer acquisition process.

Giant Software Solutions Provider Improves Lead Capture and Conversion with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a world-leading provider of 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions with more than 130,000 customers in 80 countries. It offers a wide range of 3D virtual solutions enabling businesses of every size to digitize innovative ideas and enjoy lifelike experiences with future products and environments.

The global company has offices in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, with partners from leading industries and sectors including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, and others.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Callbox, the Client hired a prominent direct marketing solutions provider to handle its lead generation program. Not satisfied with the results, it sought better marketing. The Client’s Singapore office decided to investigate a lead generation program with Callbox.

The Client’s main objectives were:

  • Determine the level of sophistication of the target’s present CAD software tools and systems
  • Profile companies and prospects who were already using the Client’s CAD solutions
  • Facilitate lead reassignment to the Client’s resellers

The client judged Callbox’s strategies to be more cost-effective and efficient and signed up for a three-month pilot project.

The Callbox Solution

The initial campaign started with two full-time Callbox agents. It was divided into three segments: Lead generation, Appointment Setting, and Call-to-Invite.

Appointment Setting

Callbox secured agreement from prospects to be contacted by the Client’s reseller.

Lead Generation

Callbox looked for prospects who requested additional information regarding the Client’s products and agreed to receive email information on special promos.


Callbox looked for prospects to register for a virtual conference organized by the Client.

Callbox created two customized Pipeline CRM accounts for generating and rechanneling leads to the Client’s authorized resellers. Since the Client delivered the call lists on a daily basis, sustainability and integrity of records were a major challenge. To solve this, Callbox used Pipeline CRM and a customized spreadsheet to monitor the Client’s data more effectively – an activity which involved close coordination between the Research and Campaign Specialists.

While this campaign focused on generating leads from the warm lists, Callbox suggested tapping prospects on the cold lists producing substantial positive results from this source. Guidelines for the callout process were made visible to each Callbox Team member to ensure that they were updated with the Client’s instructions.


At the end of the three-month pilot campaign, Callbox delivered a total of 372 leads at an average of five to ten leads per day. Satisfied with the results, the Client re-contracted for a new 18-month project. Nine months into this new campaign, Callbox had produced a total of 1,623 leads from the Client’s warm lists supplemented by contacts from Callbox’s database.

  • Sales-qualified Leads (SQLs): 1, 404 (87%)
  • Marketing-qualified Leads (MQLs): 219 (13%)

The campaign is currently in progress with three full-time Callbox APAC seats generating leads and appointments for two of the Client’s Value-added Resellers (VAR) in Australia.

Australian Software Vendor Taps Callbox to Fast-track Sales in Asia-Pacific

The Client

The Client is a well-known software company in Australia which develops and distributes practice management and tracking software for large companies. Its clients include Ingram Micro, The University of Sydney, Accenture, CitiStreet, and Acumen Alliance.

The Challenge

The Client has excellent brand recognition in Australia and its products have strong market potential. However, it had difficulty penetrating foreign markets often dominated by large global competitors. The Client did not invest significantly in marketing aside from the irregular cold calling efforts by its sales staff. The primary source of new clients was word of mouth.

To boost its capability to compete squarely in the international market, the Client looked for an appointment setting company to carry out its objectives methodically:

  • To educate prospects on the benefits of practice management software
  • To schedule product demos with interested prospects

This campaign required technically sound telemarketers with firsthand experience in selling software systems. Having campaigned on behalf of several IT and software companies for many years, Callbox was qualified for the challenge.

The Callbox Solution

Following a campaign brief, Callbox set up an outbound telemarketing team. The Client specified potential customers: IT Directors, CIOs, Managers, and C-level Executives. Callbox prepared a customized telemarketing list and created personalized scripts based on typical market response and various selling scenarios.

Callbox implemented stringent QA monitoring to ensure that every lead and appointment generation effort supported the Client’s requirements. Callbox encouraged the Client’s active participation in each campaign process – from script development to new product trainings and lead qualification. This allowed to Client to provide inputs and feedback as the campaign progressed.

Callbox maintained an impressive momentum throughout the 18-month calling campaign, contacting 4,887 companies at an average of 222 calls per day. The Client witnessed the action in real-time via Callbox’s Pipeline CRM, which also allowed it to respond promptly to appointments and other actionable results.


  1. Out of 88,000 calls, 17% resulted in positive contacts. Of those spoken to, 31% agreed to a demo and 28% requested additional info.
  2. Callbox delivered a total of 357 qualified appointments at an average of one appointment per day. From that, 44 (12.3%) resulted in sales.
  3. Simply put, the Client got a sale for every 2000 calls made by Callbox; about 2.5 sales per month.

Greatly impressed by its performance, the Client continues to rely on Callbox for its outbound marketing campaigns, as it continues to grow its market share, not only in Australia, but now in the expanded markets of New Zealand, Brunei, and India. It also intends to hire additional agents to keep up with the influx of new leads and further increase its marketing activities.

Software Company Transforms Marketing Activities after Using Callbox

The Client

The Client is a leading supplier of shipping software and IT solutions. Based in Singapore, it has more than 100 employees serving over 200 clients worldwide. Its IT solutions are being used by well-known customers around the world, mostly shipping companies, liner agents, short sea carriers, NVOCCs, terminals, and depots.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to increase sales from new businesses and open new markets abroad. Although it had its own inside sales team running its lead generation campaigns, the Client found managing international campaigns quite challenging given the scope of its target market which required working in different time zones. So, it looked for a marketing partner who could execute a more targeted lead generation campaign and bring in more qualified sales leads for its inside sales team to focus on.

Upon learning about Callbox in 2007, the Client was hesitant because outsourced telemarketing service was embryonic and unproven in Singapore at the time. Nevertheless, by explaining the benefits of outsourcing to a qualified telemarketing company, Callbox was able to convince the Client to embark on a cold calling campaign with them.

The Callbox Solution

The first campaign took off in February 2007 with one dedicated telemarketing agent. Close coordination between the Client and the Callbox Team played an important role throughout this campaign. Callbox conducted weekly conference calls with the Client to address campaign-related issues and facilitate exchange of ideas. The Client also provided Callbox with weekly updates on companies they wanted to focus on. The success of this campaign was a result of both parties’ willingness to work closely together in addressing questions and concerns.

The Client expressed why it continued to use Callbox’s services after the first campaign:

  1. Callbox did an excellent job in generating interest in the Client’s target market.
  2. Callbox was able to bring in new clients despite working across different cultures and time zones.
  3. Callbox managed to keep regular communication with the Client.
  4. Callbox agents possessed the ability to grasp information fast.


The Client was one of Callbox’s first accounts in the Asia-Pacific region, and it has continued to use its services since the first campaign in 2007. The Client also used Callbox in other projects including a call-to-invite campaign targeting Dubai and UAE, lead generation in Europe, SEO, and market research.

Extremely satisfied with results from these campaigns, the Client recommended Callbox to its sister company, an established aviation software solutions provider. The Client also referred three more accounts who became regular Callbox customers.