Top Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Top Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Social media has significantly impacted the current trends in the healthcare industry today and by closely monitoring these developments, individuals and businesses will understand how far they can go in 2017. This is like a comprehensive preparation for the upcoming year with the help of the available online data. Certain information will support innovative marketing strategies while acquiring insights to create an ideal plan for long-term success.

Prepping Up for the New Year

So if you’re ready to dominate 2017, here are some of the trends you need to consider in healthcare marketing:

#1: Live videos will become more prominent.

Global consumers need real-time feed when it comes to finding trustworthy healthcare brands in the market. And with faster connection and feedback, they can easily decide which one to take. However, marketing strategies will less focus on pre-produced videos and scripts. Authentic experience is what businesses should concentrate on so that consumers will feel involved. In creating your video content, lean on these tips. Read Three S’s for Creating Viral Video Content

#2: Social messaging applications will be the top marketing platforms to use.

Whether you’re planning to launch your marketing campaigns on Twitter or Facebook, the popular hangouts will certainly give you enough follows. And when people recognize your brand on these major platforms, it’s easier to market your healthcare products and services at lower costs. Other popular social messaging apps you can take advantage of include WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat.

41% of social media users say social media does influencer their healthcare decisions. tweet!

 #3: Share-worthy content will dominate the market.

If you can produce smarter content that is within the interests of your target audience, you can effectively boost your customer base. For instance, be sure to provide authoritative and compelling blog posts that are relevant to the current needs of the healthcare market. Patients also give importance to valuable information available online with exact medical costs included. Here’s how to craft an industry-related content.

#4: Mobile optimization is key to successful healthcare marketing in 2017.

If you’ve thought of a reliable strategy in gaining more customers next year, consider optimizing for mobile. This is in fact the latest universal standard in which businesses need to conform. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets when looking for information on the internet. Make sure that your website quickly loads on these devices.

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62% of smartphone owners use it to search for health information. tweet!

#5: Telemedicine will pursue to monetize.

Through medical technology advancements, telemedicine has now become more relevant in healthcare practices and services. With the aid of connectivity conveniences including email and text, doctor-patient relationships will surely grow while contributing to the profitability and efficiency of service providers. This also promotes brand differentiation among companies.

Here are more stats. The number of people who are open to telemedicine in primary care.

 80% of survey respondents are open to looking beyond traditional doctor visits for care. tweet!

#6:  Time will be equally precious to doctors and patients.

In the healthcare industry today, convenience becomes the new aggressive currency. Patients need prompt and convenient appointment experience while doctors want real-time information regarding their patients. With advanced healthcare technologies, time management is well played by these roles.

Looking at a broader picture, the main point of these healthcare marketing trends is more personalized communication means between the prospective patient and the healthcare provider. By providing ultimate convenience, companies belonging to this industry can effectively market, advertise, and provide the ideal service that consumers need.


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