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LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months [CASE STUDY]

The Client’s main line of service helps companies successfully implement and maintain LED lighting projects. Its key differentiator is that it provides fully-integrated, end-to-end LED lighting project management packages that come bundled with the needed expertise and support. The Client also offers 5-year unlimited warranties to its customers, which further sets it apart from other […]

Top 3 Important Apps to Keep you Motivated Throughout 2018

Marketing isn’t exactly for everybody. If anything, it takes a special kind of willpower to come up with successful strategies for generating quality B2B leads. Each day, marketers are often faced with the prospect of getting rejected if they don’t work hard enough to keep a target client interested. Then again, the sales pipeline doesn’t […]

Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox [CASE STUDY]

Marketing in complex-sale verticals, such as IT and manufacturing, carries a special set of challenges. The conversion funnel is usually longer and nonlinear, and the process requires connecting with multiple decision-makers. That’s on top of the relatively steep learning curve needed to understand and communicate what the product or service brings. For the Client, these […]

Telecom Campaign Ideas for 2018: Consultative + Digital Marketing

We all know what consultative selling looks like. It’s when reps actively apply Seth Godin’s principle of finding products for customers rather than customers for products. In complex-sale industries such as business telecom, consultative selling remains the core selling philosophy. Instead of making a pitch, reps who rely on this approach help prospects uncover genuine […]

Callbox Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost [CASE STUDY]

Started in 2014 as a joint venture between a pioneering European cross-cultural training company and a top Southeast Asian HR solutions provider, the Client has built and grown a customer portfolio of over 150 multinational companies in various industries across Asia. The customer enjoys a clear lead in the region’s market for intercultural management training […]