How do B2B Marketers Craft an Industry Related Content

How B2B Marketers Craft an Industry Related Content

“Nobody cares about your products, except you. Create interesting content!”

– David Meerman Scott

If you have a website, you need content to drive traffic that converts. Every B2B marketer is eager to learn how to create useful content for a niche industry that delivers results for your business.  

In this article, we will help you refine your content strategy in creating an industry-related content that works for you and your business.

Identify your audience for this Niche.

Learn everything about your audience. In order to get higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) that converts you must identify and know who your audience are, what they’re interested in, and how can you create an interesting content that’s appealing to their eyes and eventually turn them into customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are the target audience?

Before a company launched a product in the market, they are more likely to define their target market. Same goes when writing content. You have to picture out your readers. Learn exactly what they do and their interests. Group them by location, by industry, etc.

  • What do I know about them?

Some companies use Google Analytics to learn about their customers such as their age and gender. Know their interests and behavior.

google analytics

Start with a Precise Idea

When looking for ideas for your content that are within a specific industry, dig deeper into a specific area. How? Research for a broader topic and narrow it down.


You are going to write about ‘Lead Generation for Advertising Company’, find out through Google the common problems people in this industry are experiencing. Then narrow down this topic and research it further to write ‘How to Launch a Successful Lead Generation Campaign for Advertising Company’

You can also use Title Generator tool to get related topics of your chosen keyword.

You will get over a hundred title suggestions that will give you some idea of what next topics to write on.


Make Google as your best friend


Research, Research, Research!!! Educate yourself about the industry to create better content. By understanding a particular niche, you will be able to write a convincing content about it.

Talk to industry experts

Researching about your customer is important. But you have to learn from the experts in order to have a better understanding of a particular niche. Talk to industry experts. They can provide you with expert insight into their niche industry that you can use in creating an interesting content.  Subscribe to industry media or attend events if necessary.

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Create Contents that Fits the Value Proposition of your Business

When creating content for a particular niche, you need to figure out the following:

  • Find out the problems you are solving
  • How do you solve these problems?
  • How is your solution unique from others?

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Find out Authoritative Keywords that Works

Use Google AdWords to know the number of searches of your keywords and to decide whether it is right to invest your time and effort in optimizing those keywords.

Here are some tips to remember when thinking for the right keyword for your content:

  • Don’t stuff. Overloading your content with these words will make it look like your writing for search engine alone. Never forget to write content that will spark up engagement and interaction between you and the readers.
  • It is best to keep an updated list of keywords to become more familiar with all of them and find out what works best.

Below are few examples of our industry-related content and the reason why they are read by our audience.

1. Make them realize what they’re missing on their strategies

Ex: Top 5 Sales Blind Spots in the IT and Software Industry

2. Intrigue them with new tips

Ex: Marketing BI Software: Be The Heaven-Sent Solution to Customers

3. Answer prospects’ questions through blogging

Ex: Answering Quora: How do you promote B2B webinars for an IT solution?

4. Relate your services with your target Industry but don’t just promote. Educate and give value to the readers.

Take note that you can learn everything overnight. But with these advices, you will be able to write contents for a specific industry that is more effective and that delivers results in no time with the right approach.

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