Top Webinar Marketing Tips for B2B SaaS Companies


Working in business, everyone knows the pressure of constantly delivering fresh leads into the funnel, and if you’re working in the sales or marketing department for SaaS, you’re all too familiar with it. 

If you operate in the SaaS industry, webinars are no strangers to you. In fact, webinars are a great way for you to generate SaaS leads. Not only that but in the long run, it becomes less about the software and more about how your products can help your client and not just necessarily on the technical aspects only. 

Of course, if you want to see the best results and generate as many leads as you can, you have to make sure that your webinar truly stands out. We have compiled a list of top tips especially for conducting webinars for SaaS companies.

Structure and Format

Whether you’re planning on conducting live events or simply presentations, you should always choose the right format that will suit what you want to do best. 
For example, Intercom has stepped out of their comfort zone multiple times and have conducted different webinar formats. Some examples include their Conversational Webinar where you have two professional speakers together presenting a specific, industry-related topic in the form of – you guessed it – having a conversation. Another format they like to use is the Intercom In-Person Events. In a typical webinar, we would normally expect just one speaker with a bullet point presentation, but for this format, Intercom decided to record face-to-face events where a group of people gathers and listens to the speakers all while this is being broadcasted live to more attendees online.


When you just merely connect with your audience, then just run a normal SaaS webinar. However, if you want your audience not just to engage with you but also to remember you, you have to build a webinar brand for yourself.

The way you achieve this is by making webinars a regular part of your marketing strategy and not just a one-time event. ActiveCampaign, for example, decided to brand its SaaS webinars and create different series of webinars. While other companies even create whole seasons of webinars, tackling relevant topics that make their audience keep coming back for more.

Webinar Content

Content is by far the most important part of your presentation as it can either make or break your webinar campaign. If your content is too plain and just a series of slides that say the same exact thing as what the presenter drones on about, your audience will quickly lose interest and drop off. Make use of all the resources available to you such as incorporating video presentations, eye-catching infographics, and even your delivery should be simultaneously educational and entertaining.


Remember that events always revolve around engagement. SaaS webinars are no exemption to this. In fact, SaaS webinars are a great avenue to get your audience to interact with your brand, freely ask you questions about your products, and for you to build meaningful connections with them. 

A great way to let your audience engage with you is through Q&A segments that would usually come at the very end of your webinar. In the same vein, chatbots during your webinar are also a great way to engage with your audience as well as gauge their interest in your product/service.


The people’s webinar experience starts way before the webinar day itself. One of the first touchpoints you’ll have with them will be during the registration period. Registration isn’t just there to lock in the number of attendees you’re going to have. It’s also important for you to gather all the important information about your leads and think about the right strategies you need on how to eventually qualify them. 

What you can do for your audience, for example, is to let them decide when they want to watch one of your sessions. You can incorporate a dropdown menu or link to another tab on your registration site wherein you can show them all of your existing sessions, making it easier for them to register for any webinar that they like.


And there you go! These are great and foolproof strategies to practice the next time you’re planning to conduct a webinar for your SaaS products. We hope that this list will help you elevate your webinar game and multiply your leads.

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