5 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event to Drive More Webinar Attendees


Webinars are one of the most educational tools for marketing. It is useful in securing sales now, especially during the pandemic. More and more people and companies around the globe are looking to move their business and professional education online.

How do you make sure that you get the right audience for your webinars? Email invitations, together with a strong social media presence, can help you capture the right audience. But with everyone’s inbox flooded with different emails these days, your webinar invitation must stand out.

Here is how you can make your webinar invite stand out from the crowd:

Choose the Right Invitees

Just because you already have the names and the contact details of all your prospects doesn’t mean you can invite them all indiscriminately. It would help if you still were deliberate on your invitations. Only send your webinar invites to those who already want to learn about the lessons you are offering.

Finding these interested prospects is not that difficult since they are already on your list. You only need to look for those who already downloaded one of your content, subscribed to your blog, or solicited your services. Tailor your invites to those who want to hear more from you.

You can also segment your database so you can send a targeted message to your specific audience. Segmenting your audience allows you to speak to different prospects with one personalized message that speaks to their persona. You can segment your contact list by their industry, job title, company size, pain points, or related content they’ve already engaged with.

Personalize your Email

Once you have segmented your contact list, fire up your email service provider, and personalize your message to your invitees. Making your emails personal is more than just using your prospects’ first names in your salutations.

A useful tip in personalizing emails is to draw the reader’s attention from your company and shift the focus to your customer. For example, in your invitation, avoid telling them how your new product works well in organizing wedding details. Instead, you can build better rapport by showing your prospects how you are excited to help them organize their big day.

This trick shows that you are thoughtful about the concerns of your prospects. At the same time, it piques your prospects’ interest in your products and services without being too aggressive with marketing.

Use the Right Visuals

Like all presentations, webinars primarily use a visual medium to teach. It only makes sense that your invitation also uses attractive and compelling visuals. Having well-designed graphics on your email gives your prospects a taste of the quality of your webinar.

Feature the date and time of your webinar prominently in the graphic. If you only have a few moments of someone scanning through your email, you want to make sure the date and time stand out.

Aside from a high-quality image, your digital poster should include an actionable button to click. It should also have an alt text that describes the picture, just in case the picture fails to load for your invitee. It also pays to visually present how your webinar can benefit its attendees. 

With a great digital poster placed on your email, you can make an excellent first impression.

Namedrop your Speaker

You can frame your presentation as an exciting educational opportunity by immediately introducing your invitees to your speaker. More and more webinar invitations these days feature the name and credentials of their speakers.

Name dropping does not only present your webinar as a learning opportunity. It also shows your invitees that your presentation is a chance to network with an industry expert and thought leader.

Do not be intimidated if you’re the one presenting. You do not need to be a CEO or a Ph.D. holder to outline your experiences and expertise on the product and service you are selling.

Reach Out for Questions

Seeking out topics of interest or questions from the audience shows that you care about what your invitees learn from your presentation. Asking your audience also provides you with an opportunity to interact with your prospects to increase webinar attendance.

You can create forms where interested invitees can submit their questions. This way, you are not only qualifying leads and increasing attendance. You are also allowing yourself to tailor the presentation to your audience.

For more help with your webinar invitation, reach out to our team to keep your email marketing efforts on track! We’ve helped several companies boost their webinar registration and attendance rates.

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