Telemarketing: The Secret Sauce to Racking Up Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Telemarketing: The Secret Sauce to Racking Up Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Many businesses consider telemarketing a thing of the past. Still, it remains a significant part of any lead generation strategy in this modern world. In this post, we’ll be sharing our views as a lead generation services company on telemarketing’s increasing role in today’s digital-driven marketing landscape.

What Is Modern Telemarketing?

In the past, telemarketing refers to making calls to sell a product or service. Telemarketers make random calls from a list of telephone numbers.

Many people feel annoyed with unsolicited calls. This makes telemarketing quite challenging and unpopular. 

It seems that people are not interested in talking on the phone anymore. They have other less-time consuming alternatives. They can now shop online and even enjoy some services through the internet. 

Yet, no one can disregard telemarketing. It cannot be disregarded. With modern technologies offering more channels, telemarketing serves as a unifying platform for all the many marketing channels.

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Why Telemarketing Is Stronger than Ever

Telemarketing is now a great force in lead generation and sales. It is one of the most important touch points in sales and marketing. 

Telemarketing has become a sophisticated strategy. It is not calling random numbers from a list anymore. Instead of only traditional phone calls, video conferencing has become available.

Using telemarketing with other marketing channels can be an effective lead generation tool. It provides a human connection. The prospective customer knows that he is talking to another human being at the other end of the line.

Emails are also effective but they cannot take the place of a salesperson talking to a prospective client. It lacks personal rapport when talking by phone.

What makes today’s Telemarketing different from the past? 

Advancement in technology makes today’s telemarketing different from the past. With many companies using the account-based marketing (ABM) approach, telemarketing has become a necessity.

How? The ABM approach involves several steps. ABM starts with customer profiling. Using their profiles, one can now identify potential customers. It makes it easy to focus on high-value targets or those with high potential for conversion. 

These high-value targets are now ready for a telemarketing campaign. Creating spiels and scripts that appeal to the target audience will be easy. They will need a little push towards conversion.

Telemarketers today are not making random calls. They already know who to call and how to convert them. They know what spiels and scripts would work best with their audience.

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Monitoring and Testing

Today’s telemarketing campaigns undergo monitoring and testing. If it is not effective, the marketing team can change strategy or change the channel. Testing of spiels and scripts is valuable. 

If a script or story fails to convert prospective clients, then it is now time to make some revisions or changes. In some instances, it takes only changing a word or phrase for the story to work.

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Integrating with Other Campaign Channels

Today’s Telemarketing is not a standalone campaign anymore. One can integrate it with other channels. Prospective customers nowadays use several channels or mediums. 

For example, one can use telemarketing as a touchpoint. The campaign can start with an ad. Then, for the first contact, telemarketers can make a phone call. 

After sending a series of email campaigns, a call can help nurture leads. Or it can also add a personal touch to the emails sent.

Leveraging Telemarketing Technology and Services

Telemarketers of today have access to information on people that they are calling. They can even use these tools in the middle of a conversation. 

Taking advantage of telemarketing technology can lead to a successful telemarketing campaign.

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The Importance of Telemarketing in B2B Companies

In today’s digital world, telemarketing is a robust tool for lead generation. Integrate it with other channels for an optimal effect.

B2B companies are now going online. They use multi-channels to make their business grow. But, using several channels can hamper building good customer relationships.

Telemarketing offers a platform through which B2B buyers and customers can communicate. This platform can help funnel digital channels into personalized communication.

Through telemarketing, B2Bs can use expanded and diversified channels. They get insights from these channels. From what they learn, they increase their response rate and enhance commercial relationships. 

Above all, they can reach potential clients. This can help them grow at a faster rate and establish a deeper relationship with their clients.

Integration with telemarketing will always be better than a single buyer approach.

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