To Call Or Not To Call? 5 Times Telemarketing is the Answer

Despite what some industry voices will tell you, telemarketing calls remain a key component in the lead generation process. As a lead generation services company, we’ve experienced first-hand that B2B decision makers still prefer to hear from potential vendors over the phone: 57% of C-level executives and nearly 50% of directors/managers respond to sales calls.

But the role of phone calls in lead generation has changed; the old spray-and-pray tactics of long ago no longer work. Instead, phone calls are now most effective in outbound activities that require precise touches.

In this webinar, we’ll share the most effective ways B2B companies can incorporate telemarketing into their sales and marketing mix and how knowing when to and not to call a prospect can give you favorable results and better conversions.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Learn how you can leverage telemarketing to complement your other digital channels in order to generate precise touches.
  • Find out when it’s the best time to call your prospects to maximize your conversions
  • The proper way of making outbound telemarketing calls in today’s B2B setting

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