Lead Generation and Growth Strategies for Healthcare IT Companies


Developing your healthcare IT company into an industry leader may not be an easy feat, but it is surely achievable if you use competent growth strategies. Healthcare IT companies essentially fall under the IT and software fields. This means that lead generation strategies that work for IT/software companies may be useful. However, the term “healthcare” requires you to pay extra attention to your target audiences, as well as to the products or services you offer. First, you will need to build strong account selection and contact profiling plans.

Since your target audiences primarily are hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers, you will need to gauge demand for your products or services. Study market opportunities and pay special attention to their specific software needs. Which hospitals do you think will need your PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), your EHR (Electronic Health Records System), or your HIS (Hospital Information System)? Which healthcare facilities will need your Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) capabilities?

Once that’s done, then take a look at these growth strategies and see which works well for you.

Take complete advantage of the internet

If your PACS offering includes top-of-the-line ultrasound and imaging devices, then why not flaunt it with special content? Create content such as blogs and eBooks that highlight the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-saving properties of your PACS services to attract the hospitals and clinics that best match your sales profiles. Also, build your website with content that informs your market that you are a trusted healthcare IT provider.

Informative content like eBooks will help you angle your healthcare IT company as a leader in the field. Your audiences will consider you an authority that they need to listen to. Generate more leads by including a form in your blog, eBook, or online newsletter that lets readers fill in their names and email addresses before accessing the actual content.

Host helpful webinars

Now that you have proven yourself to be a trusted authority in healthcare IT services, you will now have to prove your expertise by creating content to showcase that. One way is by hosting free webinars on your website for interested prospects to join. Use the webinar to inform your prospects about the benefits of availing of healthcare IT services. You can also help them understand better the need to use healthcare IT services, especially in today’s high-tech world. For example, if you offer IoHT services, you can use your webinar to enlighten prospects about the advantages of installing a unified communication system in a healthcare setting.

Make sure that your webinar is concise, informative, and engaging. Your webinar must be able to convey all the information your prospects need to hear in a limited amount of time. Keep the tone casual, too, so that you don’t turn off your prospects or tune them out. Of course, since you want to keep your prospects coming back to your company, it’s also a good idea to require them to give their names and email addresses before they can watch the video.

Get strong referrals

As a leading authority in the field of healthcare IT services, you can also look for good referrals for your company. For this to really work, though, you will need to have substantial experience in supplying efficient and effective software solutions. Reach out to the hospitals and clinics you have already provided with EHR and HIS systems, and use their referrals to attract more customers.

You can even touch base with earlier prospects that did not avail of your products before. Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, which means they will eventually find a need only your company can fill. Just ask them how their business is doing. You can even tell them that you have new products or offerings that might be useful to them.

While these strategies are not the only ones proven to be effective, you may use the above to help push your healthcare IT company closer to the top. In combination with strong and capable account selection and contacts profiling plans, these strategies should work tremendously to give you an edge over the rest.

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