Clutch Ranks Callbox Among Top 5 B2B Firms in 2 Service Categories

Clutch Ranks Callbox Among Top 5 B2B Firms in 2 Service Categories

Clutch, an independent review and research resource, recently released its latest list of leading outbound voice and call center services. The report shows Callbox ranks 4th among top third-party verification companies and 3rd among B2B lead generation firms. The recognition adds to the multiple awards and rankings Callbox has so far garnered this year.

“We’re proud and thrilled that Callbox continues to rank as a top B2B marketing company,” said Rebecca Matias, Callbox’s head of Business Development. “This only goes to show that we continue to deliver the best service to our customers.”

Clutch is an independent Washington, D.C.-based rating and review website that helps buyers find top IT and marketing service providers. The site evaluates vendors based on client reviews, company expertise, industry recognition, client/project portfolio, and market impact. Its primary goal is to solve the two-sided problem of matching buyers with the best vendor that fits their needs.

To do this, Clutch relies on their proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology. The Leaders Matrix assesses service providers based on their area of focus and proven ability to deliver. Under the “Ability to Deliver” dimension, client feedback makes up the biggest portion followed by client portfolio then by market presence.

The recent Clutch report covers six outbound call center categories: telemarketing, third-party verification, collections, B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, and surveys. Clutch gives Callbox a total score of 32.4, placing the company at the 3rd and 1st places under the third-party verification and B2B lead generation categories, respectively.

callbox on clutch

Drilling down further on the Leaders Matrix, Callbox recorded 15 points for reviews (top score was 16.8), 7.8 points for customer/experience (top score was 8.6), and 9.6 points for market presence (which was the top score).

“Clutch’s ranking lean more toward customer feedback,” adds Rebecca. “So, reaching the 1st and 3rd spots on the list really says a lot about the level of satisfaction we bring to our customers.”

Throughout 2017, Callbox has consistently earned a spot in the top lead generation companies lists compiled by major ranking and reviews sources. TechnologyAdvice cited Callbox as one of its top 5 outsourced marketing picks, while Comparakeet gave Callbox a near-perfect 9.6-point score for lead generation services.

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