Choosing The Right Email Marketing Platform (Things to Consider)

Choosing The Right Email Marketing Platform (Things to Consider)

Using the proper email-marketing platform is the best way for you to be effective with your email campaigns. In this short article, we will be discussing how you can pick the best choice in software when it comes to handling your communications needs.

So sit back, relax and grab your notebook, this is going to be fun!

If you want your email marketing campaigns to reach the right people and make a significant impact on the recipients, you need an email marketing tool that will help you effectively. And because there are so many available platforms out there, you need to be able to choose the one that will serve your needs best.

Moreover, you need to be able to consider a couple of features that you would want to use for your marketing initiatives.

Here are a couple of considerations when looking for the right email marketing platform for your business:

Reading and Viewing Options

Almost half of the total number of email users worldwide use their smartphones when opening their emails mainly because of the convenience of doing so when one is mobile. Quite obviously, lesser and lesser people open their emails on traditional desktops computers or even laptops.

Choose an email-marketing tool that features mobile-optimized templates. This means that the content display is appropriate for the size of a standard smartphone. Otherwise, emails being sent out will bounce. And you would not want this to happen to your emails.


While this may sound quite basic, it is important that you check on the performance capacity of the tool that you intend to use. Performance, where it concerns an email marketing platform, means having automation features that may include autoresponders and drip campaigns.

Autoresponders are designed to send out email campaigns on specific dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Autoresponders can also be personalized to make recipients feel relevant and cared for. Drip campaigns, on the other hand, are a series of automated emails that are usually timed. They are usually used to hype an event such as a launching, a promo, or an upcoming sale.

Response Handling

An ever-growing company that caters to an international market can get up to several thousand emails in a single day. No marketer in his right mind would even attempt to respond or segregate these emails manually. It is not only time-consuming, it is utterly unthinkable.

A good email marketing platform should be able to feature this so that your database is constantly updated and emails are organized in an efficient manner. When emails are properly organized, it is easier for you to send out the appropriate responses at your preferred time and date.

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The more personalized your email content is, the highly likely you will get a positive response for your recipients. The most important thing about sending our your email marketing campaign is to make a significant connection right away. And the only sure way to do this is to get personal with your reader. Personalization features often include personalized subject lines, videos, images, and content.

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Inbox Preview

The right email marketing platform should at least be able to offer you the opportunity to preview your emails and how they will look like on various devices. Having this tool feature allows you to make relevant adjustments when you detect something that is off during preview. Making your content appealing to the readers is very important to be able to ensure high click-through rates.

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Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing buttons are something that you need to strongly consider when looking for the right email marketing platform. It is highly likely that your email recipients will share your content on their respective social media accounts giving you additional exposure. An email marketing tool that allows you to include social media buttons through a few easy steps is a must-have.

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Mailing Statistics

As can be expected, you would most likely want to be able to track the results of your email campaign. Every marketer should have access to tracking results in order to determine the effectiveness of the email content or how the readers responded to the same. When we talk about mailing statistics, you would want data on the number of emails sent and opened, time and date when the email started and ended and list tracking at the same time.

Having this set of information on hand can help you greatly in evaluating the overall performance of your email campaign. This will definitely be a game changer for you and your business.

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Nurturing your clients through email does not have to be a daunting process if you have the right tools in place. So what are you waiting for? Be a more efficient and effective marketer today!

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