How AI Is Shaping an Increase in the Impact of Email Marketing

How AI Is Shaping an Increase in the Impact of Email Marketing

Are you wondering how AI can increase the impact of your email marketing strategies? If that’s the case, we have something for you! 

FreestyleXtreme, an online sports brand, incorporated AI into its email marketing strategies. And, they soon witnessed their web revenues increase by 8%.

If you’re the business owner looking to revamp your email marketing set-up, then make sure to read our post till the end. We will tell you about all the incredible ways in which AI can help increase the impact of email marketing!

How AI Can Bolster Your Email Marketing Campaign 

In this portion, we have come up with a list of reasons we think that Artificial-Intelligence can be the next big thing for your marketing emails. Take a look:



In today’s age of technology, it has become more critical than ever to add that magical, personal touch to emails. By personalizing your marketing emails, you’re letting each customer know that they’re important to you and that you value them.

With AI, you can personalize your marketing emails on a whole new level. AI can equip you with valuable information, like data on customers and their preferences.
What’s more, thanks to AI’s excellent machine learning capabilities, it can even guess how your customers will react to specific pitches. With all the necessary data at your feet, tailoring a personalized email shouldn’t be difficult.

A 2014 study by Experian Marketing Services found that with personalization, the revenue generated by your emails can go up by 6%.Now, that’s a statistic that you surely don’t want to ignore.

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A Killer Subject Line Makes All the Difference

A Killer Subject Line Makes All the Difference

How many times have you left a promotional email unread just because its subject line didn’t interest you? From experience, we all know that subject lines go a long way in determining whether an email gets opened or not. 

This is especially true for marketing emails. Don’t forget that your customers make other purchases across different brands, which means that, on any given day, their inboxes are bound to be crammed with countless promotional emails. 

If you want your marketing email to stand out, it’s a mission that only your subject line can accomplish. That’s where AI comes in. 

AI can use complex algorithms to analyze and interpret data to understand what makes a good subject line and what doesn’t. On that basis, AI can even generate attention-grabbing subject lines, capable of creating quite a flutter. 

Here’s an interesting statistic: Nearly 69% of customers say that they decide whether an email should be opened or sent to the spam folder solely based on the subject line. 

AI Tools like Phrasee are particularly great at coming up with subject lines that can make heads turn.

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Timing and Frequency

Timing and Frequency
Source : Media.Nutrition

When is the best time to send a marketing email?

If your business caters to an international customer base, the chances are that you’ve asked yourself this question.

With different time zones to account for, you probably know that there is no one answer for this question. The good news is that AI tools like Seventh Sense can help you here. Not only can AI help you figure out the right time to send your emails, but it also allows you to phase them out.

For instance, if a significant number of your customers prefer checking emails before going to bed at night, AI allows you to time your emails accordingly. If you also have customers who would check their emails during breakfast, AI can make sure that you also cater to them. 

Similarly, you can use AI to determine how often your customers would like to receive marketing emails. Keep monitoring the open rates of your emails. Once you find a time slot generating satisfying open rates, you can latch on to that. Make sure that your open rates are higher than 21%.

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Strategizing Promotions

No two customers are the same. Hence, sending the same promotional marketing email to all your customers will probably not work. 

For instance, some customers might like being given discounts then and there. Others might prefer coupons that they can redeem later. 

If your business has many products to offer, targeting customers with specific product recommendations in line with their needs can prove to be a powerful move. 

AI-driven analysis of customer preferences can be of great help here. You’ll find that the data is indispensable for understanding the pulse of your customer base.


Source: Blogtyrant

Even though it’s 2021, email newsletters continue to play an important role in businesses. That’s why it’s important to come up with top-notch email newsletters that can effortlessly stand out and rake in the revenues for you. 

With personalized newsletters, you can forge a meaningful relationship with each of the customers with diverse needs. Newsletters are also a great way to bring your customers up to speed with all the great work you’re doing. 

AI can use algorithms and machine learning to help you put together personalized newsletters for your diverse customer base. By doing so, you’ll find the click-through rates of your marketing emails shooting through the roof in no time.

Cost and Time Effective

Cost and Time Effective
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David Raab says, “This (AI) will free the marketer from much laborious campaign design, and instead allow them to focus on creating better offers and products to optimize long-term customer value.” 

If businesses were to manually perform all the complex data analysis, interpretation, and implementation into making a successful marketing email, it would cost them a lot of time, energy, and resources. 

Thanks to AI, all these behind-the-scenes tasks can be accomplished in very little time, allowing business owners to focus on other things.

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Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that Email Marketing can do. For instance, during this pandemic, it was found that email marketing and other marketing strategies played an important role in getting people vaccinated. 

Indeed, AI is essential for Email Marketing. In our post, you saw the multi-faceted impact that AI can have on email marketing. 

Right from personalizing the email’s content and subject lines to generating newsletters, there’s so much that AI can do. 

Now, all that’s left is for your email marketing strategies to make space for AI. The results will speak for themselves.

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