Better Content Means Better Leads: Make the Most Out of Your Content

Better Content Means Better Leads: Make the Most Out of Your Content

There is no magic bullet to everything, even for B2B marketing. In terms of acquiring high-quality sales leads, enterprises will always emphasize the need for the usual stuff: better content.

Well, there is really no denying the fact that content is king, but marketers should also consider creating content that will direct fresh leads into the pipeline. And we are not talking “just” leads, but potential customers that will determine revenue forecasts.

First of all, content is not there just to “beautify” your brand. Sure, it says a lot about your brand’s identity, but its role goes beyond that. Even more so, content should always be seen as a conduit from which an enterprise determines its audience’s expectations. More importantly, content is supposed to act as a bridge that connects a service or a solution to a certain issue.

Now, without highlighting the educational function of content, enterprise’s will have to deal with bad leads entering their pipeline. 

Quoting Neil Patel, the Content Marketing Institute makes a pretty good case about the importance of effective content marketing, pointing out that content leaders get 7x more on-site traffic than their competitors.

Meanwhile, IBM Digital Experience also notes how personalized content benefits brands by way of encouraging engagements from audiences.

Such successes, however, are only possible if marketers make good use of their multi-channel campaign. Successful lead generation is often tied up with successful content marketing, so it makes perfect sense to create content strategies that do not only spread the word out about your brand but also establish a solid following from your audience.

One thing’s for sure, there are no stopping marketers from creating effective campaigns – not even finances. Today, it has become cheaper to set up a blog, a social media account, or initiate an email campaign. Outbound strategies sure have the edge in acquiring quality leads, but it takes too long a time. 

Going digital with your content, on the other hand, may cost a lot less, but it makes up for this by directing three times more leads into the pipeline, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

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This succinctly explains why 88 percent of B2B marketers focus their resources on developing more effective content.

A lot of campaigns make use of an influencer-centered approach alongside content production. A case in point is software solutions company SAP. Through influencers, SAP was able to effectively promote its Sapphire event to hundreds of eager attendees.
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That, coupled with the production of engaging content as well as effective live streaming, resulted in drawing in more attendees – at 80,000 people. Think about all the sales opportunities that come along! So, apparently, it makes sense to use the right strategies in terms of content marketing. Here are some articles that might just help you:

And if you happen to have a better grasp of what it takes to make a robust campaign, you also know that it matters to have the right tools and the right people to handle it.

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