Concluding Our First Ever Callbox Huddle Virtual Conference

Concluding our first ever callbox huddle

Friday, November 20, Callbox Huddle 2020 was in full gear with an exciting line-up of sessions. We have gathered the most influential leaders in the B2B world to give you their best insight and practices on how to run your business, team management, technology stack solutions, customer acquisition, and so much more. 

Discussed in the different sessions were the following:                      


Kickstarting the event with a Keynote presentation with Callbox’s CEO, Rom Agustin. In his heartfelt opening remarks, Rom gave an introduction about what’s in store for the sessions ahead. With the great change that the pandemic has brought upon this year, every business all over the world has had to shift to new ways of doing things, and in line with this, Rom tells Callbox’s testimonial story of how the company was still able to thrive and grow in the midst of globally trying times. Encouraging other B2B businesses to adapt to new technology available to us, the keynote continues to express all the nuances that go into taking your B2B business to the next level by adopting remote work ethics as well as not shying away from hiring remote B2B workers. 

Retool your Business with the Right Technology

Headed by Callbox’s Account Manager K6 Gabiota joined by our honored panel guests Strategy & Client Engagement head from LUX interactive, Brianne Ray, CEO & Founder of Alima Technologies, Eugene Alfaro, and CTO of DV8 Infosystems, Inc., Bill Faruki, the four of them collectively discussed and addressed the audience’s burning questions on how to become and function better as a customer-centric company. They talk about the importance of having a concrete customer business model in place and building strong mutual relationships between the company and its customers. Our experts here stress the importance of transforming from a non-tech-driven business into becoming tech-driven as one as the possibilities that technology solutions offer are endless.  

Redefine your Process, Reinvent your Team

Moving to the next session, Marigold Agustin together with our Sales & Marketing VP, Rebecca Matias, and our VP of Operations, Jaime Garcia discuss how to effectively manage your team as there are far more factors that come into it than meets the eye. Jaime and Rebecca talk about the key importance of visibility not just for the leaders, but also the visibility of our salespeople in order to take appropriate actions right away. Ultimately, it all boils down to being able to make your business remarkable as well as being able to say that your company has something that others don’t have, making you a forerunner in the B2B business world. 

Callbox Spotlight: Optimizing Your Sales Workflow

In the third and final session, Callbox teamed up with HubSpot to share our tips and insights on the most effective ways businesses can optimize their sales process – from the lead handoff, nurturing, and all the way to closing deals.

Dan Vivian, Channel Account Executive at HubSpot together with Callbox Client Services Manager, Carmi Lañada, touched on the different tools, processes, and frameworks organizations can incorporate into their system to make managing their sales workflows easier.

We take engagement very seriously, so after each session, we provided a time of networking where our attendees were able to meet and connect with each other, discuss, and share their various insights they’ve acquired during the panel sessions. 

Overall, it was a successful event, and we greatly enjoyed connecting with you and sharing our best practices with all of you. 

We are definitely looking forward to the next Callbox Huddle event!

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