Getting the Most of Telemarketing in Generating Leads

Ready, Set, Call- Telemarketing As the Best Marketing Tactic

Telemarketers are THE most hated people on telephones. If you look at feedback, nobody wants to entertain telemarketers’ inquiries or have anything to do with telemarketers at all. It gets even worse as articles on telemarketing are those on how to avoid them. You cannot blame people for hating telemarketing.

However, there are a few good men out there. The blame really goes to marketing agencies that want to get results no matter what. But telemarketing, when used correctly, can become one of your most results-driving marketing tactics.

Here are reasons why you can turn it into your best lead contributor.

Telemarketing is strategic.

This might be hard to digest, but with the right direction, telemarketing can become as strategic as your favored social media plans. Like anything in marketing, telemarketing uses data to be effective. Once data is dismissed, then it becomes a dangerous tool. Data fuels all marketing tactics and through customer data, telemarketing becomes a relevant activity that prospects welcome. When telemarketers work blindly, they come up with calls without respect and clear objectives. Always remember that data makes the difference in telemarketing.

Conduct your market research, analyze your data before you start a call.

Telemarketing has fast turn-around time.

Telemarketing is active as opposed to other tactics that are reactive. When you feel that you need to contact customers and prospects fast, then use telemarketing to do that. This way, you find out what you want to find out compared to waiting for people to come to you for the information that you want. When things need urgency such as important, life-threatening information, don’t wait, pick up the phone and call.

By underscoring urgency in setting appointments, you could get more sales and improve your revenue.

Telemarketing can be a tool to build brand awareness.

When you need prospects to recall your brand, telemarketing can help you start that process. In addition, even if you don’t get to talk to your specific target, you can always leave a message on their voicemail.

It is said that close to 20% of a marketer’s day is spent leaving vm messages.  Tweet this!

Telemarketer should take all the chances and start leaving effective voicemail messages that will keep prospects interested. That way, your calls aren’t wasted.

Telemarketing is your foot-in-the-door strategy.

We all need that window to an opportunity. Telemarketing can be that opening. The problem with most marketers is that they cram every objective into a tactic. Consumers cannot take that practice anymore where you seem to want everything from them without giving them something in return. The best telemarketing strategies out there are the simplest ones; those one liner scripts that save the prospects’ time when talking to you; and that single objective every time you call. Telemarketing is one step at a time and that is how prospects can appreciate calls from telemarketers, so plan your calls carefully.

Telemarketing is here to stay. It is not going to go away. Telemarketing is  not dead, it is STILL an unstoppable force in marketing.

However, this goes as far as how you plan out your strategy with your telemarketing team or your marketing agency. The key is to set solid policies for telemarketers to follow and that it centers on the welfare of your prospects or customers.

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