The Best Highly Effective B2B Account-based Marketing Tactics You Can Start Using Today

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Have you been finding it hard to get your marketing and sales team to cooperate? Has that hindered your B2B strategies and business growth? If you have, then there is only one solution for you – B2B account-based marketing (ABM)! 

A report suggested that the respondents utilizing an ABM program had a 94.2% growth. On top of that, around 87% of B2B marketers have generated substantial ROI from ABM initiatives. 

Even then, without proper knowledge and tactics, your B2B account-based marketing will not bring in prospects. Hence, to help you with that, this article will offer you valuable insight.

Insight into Account-Based Marketing

Account-based Marketing stats

Any B2B business will require a strategic approach to have win rates and generate revenue. However, identifying and targeting the right prospects can only be successful if the sales and marketing team has a united front. 

That is where an innovative account-based marketing (ABM) strategy comes in place. 

In its essence, this is an approach that harnesses and synchronizes the activities of your marketing and sales team. 

Did you know that companies using B2B ABM techniques witnessed a whopping rise of 208% revenue?

This considerable growth occurred in not only the sales efforts but also the overall business growth. ABM can offer you efficient alignment drivers and a better B2B campaign. Moreover, proper utilization of this strategy will offer you winning opportunities and generate ROI. 

Businesses received a 171% increase in the annual contract value after using this technique efficiently. 

Over the months, marketers started referring to this initiative as a key account marketing stimulant. With the help of ABM, you can target accounts that have the potential to be highly effective. 

For this strategy to be effective, marketers used the 3R’s and received an improved reputation. Therefore, utilizing the ABM tactics mentioned in this article will likely invoke a close alignment between the two departments (sales and marketing). In turn, you can easily target specific businesses that fit your company’s ICP. 

So, do you want to retain and expand your client acquisition base? The following tactics will help you achieve both!

Beware of a quick win. You might be labeling things ABM when they are not. When you get a quick win, make sure it is part of your strategy.

Ross O’Neill, Cloudera

The Top 3 Account-based Marketing Tactics

Type of ABM

Your business can be successful only when your marketing and sales departments are in tune. Therefore, just like any other B2B strategy for your sales funnel, you need to harness everything new thrown at the marketing ballpark.

With the help of these tactics, you can reduce your sales pitching time by 50% and close deals at an increased 67% rate. Only then can you utilize ABM to its ultimate potential and reap effective benefits.

Generate a Relevant Targeted Accounts List

What's your current ABM approach

The first tactic to utilize while perfecting your ABM initiatives is building an accounts list using relevant data. If you fail to determine the targeted audience, your business will not win or grow. Moreover, engagement is a key aspect of a good marketing pitch, and 95% of marketers have an enhanced approach due to ABM. 

You can harness the advantage of ABM as it focuses on accounts that seem to be a perfect fit for your company. It would be best to have a proper analysis to generate the B2B target accounts list based on what you are selling. 

From there, account-based marketing can take an offer and generate benefits. 

Therefore, you need to focus on utilizing efforts on companies that can benefit from your solutions. So, how do you get the details to generate this list? 

You can take help from a B2B data service provider who seems reliable to you. Did you know that generating a list does not just entail the potential customers? Using a reliable source, you can create an imprint of the characteristics your ideal audience portrays.  

So, with ABM, you can leverage a versatile list that is accurate and relevant.

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Tailor Offers in a Way That It Speaks to the Prospects


The main goal of your business is to attract prospects through innovative tactics. However, without ABM, your tactics will be irrelevant. 

There can only be high conversion rates when you use personalized content that seems relevant to other companies. Did you know, account-based marketing is so effective because it only uses minimal targeted accounts at a stretch? 

Due to this tactic, about 20% of these accounts turn into sales opportunities. 

Utilizing personalized content for every company will deliver prospects to your marketing funnel. But, how do you do that? 

One way you can use this tactic is by creating intriguing offers in a personalized content marketing form. Due to this, the specific audience will become compelled to become potential buyers for your company. 

Furthermore, the personalized content you send out to the accounts selected by ABM will redeem itself to be extremely valuable for your company’s growth. So, you can create guides, webinars, emails, and even blogs to cater to the targeted accounts that match your ICP.

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Utilize Social Intelligence to Enhance Personalized Communication

Top social intelligence objectives

There was a 37% increase in client retention due to the account-based marketing programs companies used. Businesses harness the power of social media to increase engagement and satisfaction across their B2B consumer base. 

So, if you use tactics like analyzing the account’s challenges and initiatives, you can have retention. 

Any ABM initiative can be successful only if you understand and monitor targeted companies’ changes, triggers, and evolution. But how do you monitor and keep track of this social activity and changes? 

You can use services like Google Alerts and use engaging content to get the prospects to subscribe. This way, you can understand and be agile of everything in the B2B target company. Furthermore, using this social data can be invaluable for any of your ABM models. If you want to discover more information using social intelligence, you can use tools like LinkedIn.

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Summing Up

After reading through the article, you will know the best highly effective B2B account-based marketing techniques. 

Unlike traditional marketing, ABM is a compact and structured approach with a guaranteed increase of 80% in consumer lifetime value. Therefore, you can utilize unique tactics to harvest the full potential of this initiative. 

First, you have to generate a personalized account list. Then, it would be best to market relevant content to these prospects. Consequently, harnessing the power of social intelligence will give you more insight to polish those content. 

B2B account-based marketing has the potential to reap unlimited benefits for your business!

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