How To Segment (and Nurture) Your Webinar Leads After Your Virtual Event

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The great thing about conducting webinars is that you get to engage and work with diverse individuals all around the world and it simultaneously gives you direct insight into all the things that are making a big impact across different industries. 

One of the main purposes of doing webinars aside from educating your audience is to form new business relationships that generate leads and ultimately convert into sales.

We always emphasize the importance of post-webinar nurturing. Unfortunately, just giving them a call or sending an email after the event isn’t enough. You have to take into consideration that there are people who have signed up and registered for your webinar but didn’t end up attending. There are other people who attended for only a short while and then left, and there are those who stayed for the whole event from start to finish, etc. 

Today we’re going to touch on how to efficiently segment your leads so you can treat and attend to them accordingly.

They Came. They Stayed. They Purchased.

Before we dive into who these attendees are, I want to preface this by saying that your webinar should always be 90% quality content and 10% sales. Having said that, let me tell you who these attendees are. These are now your clients. These are the people who attended and converted on your webinar. The reason for purchasing and converting quicker than the rest of your attendees may lie in the fact that they both enjoyed and were convinced by your content. What you want to do now is to immediately remove them from your sales funnel email list and transfer them to your customer list instead. By doing this, you can focus on supporting them on their journey with your service/product. You can also up-sell them to your higher ticket products/services or even both.

They Finished the Webinar But Did Not Convert

For your attendees who have finished your webinar but did not end up purchasing your product/service. After your webinar, they have gotten to know you more as a company, as a brand, and the kind of value that you deliver. 

The next step you have to take now is to remind them about the benefits of your service/product. You also want to remind them of the special bonuses that you have available for them and even think about the possibility of extending a bonus offered during your webinar for a limited period of time. They must have a couple of questions but haven’t voiced them out, so you have to be a step ahead of them. You can send them a list of FAQs as well as the answers to these so they can go over them.

In the end, if they still don’t convert into customers, you can think about conducting a follow-up webinar or put them back into your main email list for a different product/service in the future.

They Left Before Your Pitch

Since webinars have a distinct flow, it’s easy for attendees to anticipate what comes next. More often than not people drop out of the webinar once the content portion is over. It’s quite unfortunate, but it happens. 

The most logical thing is to send them an email right after the webinar is finished, right? As sensible as that sounds, it’s much better to send them an email a week after your webinar, It’s much better to refer them back to another webinar rather than pitching to them via email or phone call. Let them know that you’re offering the webinar again due to the high demand. Let them know of the content that you’re going to cover and put extra emphasis on the last part of the webinar and the bonuses waiting for them at the end of it (all the things that they missed the first time).

They Only Stayed For The Introduction

These attendees drop off earlier than the ones we just previously talked about. Now, there could always be 2 possibilities as to why this happens. Either something important came up and they had to leave and attend to that or your introduction put them off. You never want it to be the latter. 

It’s always safe to assume that something more important just came up. You can now test that theory by finding out if they would like to attend a new “live” automated webinar. If the attendees really just had to drop your webinar because something came up, they’d gladly grab this opportunity. If they do, all you have to do is observe in which of the above segments they fall under and then follow-up accordingly.

They Registered, No-Show

Now, if you have people who have successfully registered for your webinar but didn’t show up, I advise you do not hound them with promotions of your product/service right after your webinar is done. The fact that they registered but didn’t attend gives you that they were interested in your webinar but just couldn’t attend for some reason. 

I know this sounds counterproductive, but don’t send them a link to your webinar. Instead, make them register for it again. Again, this is a good way to see for yourself if they truly were and still are interested or if they became cold leads. If they do end up attending this time, observe which category they fall under and continue the cycle of how to deal with them accordingly.


It’s of great importance that you understand and master the art of effectively segmenting your webinar leads as they are all different from each other and require different types of follow-up. It may be a bit more tedious, but doing this enables you to send the right materials and right messaging so that they can smoothly go through your sales funnel.

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