Steer Your Managed IT Firm Away from Lead Generation Mistakes


Aside from the well-known IT giants, most IT companies and startups are small. However, the pressure to increase their sales and marketing effectiveness, or keep them ahead of their competitors is real. They have to improvise or fossilize, and part of that is improving their lead generation.

The Need for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any company – it gives businesses the resource where to get prospective customers. When these prospects or leads convert and become customers, the revenues increase as well. (See how Callbox lead generation campaign helped a managed IT firm close 150K in one campaign)

How to do effective lead generation for IT companies?

Generating qualified IT leads and nurturing sales opportunities are accomplished by combining content marketing, relevant data/metrics analysis, lead scoring and validation, and conversion optimization.

Moreover, an effective lead generation strategy does not stop there. It continues to innovate and optimize techniques and strategies that yield satisfactory conversions for IT companies.

Adding Valuable Content for Your Target Audience

Consumers these days do their own research before they make a purchase decision. They need to know that a certain service or product will solve their pain point or not.

IT companies can put themselves out there by adding value for their target audience and addressing their pain points. Content should address how these businesses in the IT service arena can boost their business, reduce expenses, improve their efficiency, and help them innovate.

Through valuable content, IT decision-makers will be able to:

  • Exactly find out what the business needs through case studies, specialist research, news, and articles.
  • Make technical requirements much easier through product testing, demo, and how-to content.
  • Analyze products and services through product demonstrations and presentations as well as through peer reviews.

Analyzing Relevant Metrics

No matter what niche or industry it is, the most effective lead generation strategy is dynamic, relevant, and data-driven. It is accomplished through monthly goal-setting based on website traffic, prospects, leads, and customer acquisition.


Lead generation should be consistent, always improving and innovating. Always analyze your conversion rates from various inbound marketing sources so you can pinpoint what fits your business best at the least cost possible.

IT companies can further improve their leads and sales-qualified conversions through metrics. Make it part of your strategy to review leads from:

  • Outbound lead generation
  • Social media
  • Press Releases
  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Referrals
  • Email campaigns
  • Overall marketing efforts

Use the data you get from these places so you can achieve your goals better and improve your results.

Consistent Lead Scoring and Validation

The most effective way to gauge the level of your target audience’s interest is through evaluation of their behavior on your site and their interaction with your other demand generation strategies. You can further qualify leads better for your sales team if you score them based on their progress through the customer journey funnel.

Automating your marketing processes will help you effectively gather data from your users and their activity. It will also help you automatically attach a value to each new lead you have. Moreover, automation can easily help you identify those who are ready to buy. It also helps your marketing team trigger workflows and sends appropriate communications based on your leads’ activities, behavior, and interests.

Lesson 3 of our 6-part free lead management email course goes into detail on how to score and rank your leads.

Optimizing Conversion Opportunities

Users are always expecting a positive experience every time they interact with your site or brand. After all, they are looking for convenient and effective solutions. These are conversion opportunities that, when addressed properly, will improve your conversion rates.


With this in mind, you have to deliberately make an effort to create your landing pages, website, and content engaging, impactful, and inspiring for your prospects. Most of the time, users use their mobile devices to access sites and will make a quick scan of it.

You can improve lead capture by creating well-designed landing pages, call-to-actions, and forms. Make your forms quick and painless to increase your conversions. You should focus more on accessibility and convenience rather than novelty.

The Bottomline

Consistency is the word when it comes to lead generation. Whether you are in the IT sector or any other industry, all lead generation efforts will go down the drain if they are not consistent. That, coupled with the suggestions we gave you in this article, can help you bring your lead generation efforts to the next level.

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