Traditional Marketing in the Digital Times [INFOGRAPHIC]

The never-ending competition between direct and digital marketing in numbers…

Are you checking your inbox several times a day? Do you Tweet? Are you continuously making Linkedin connections? I guess the answer is “Yes” because all of us marketer do so.

Do you have the feeling that everybody and everything nowadays are online?  Yes, because it is true, but this is only the partial true. Regardless of the booming digital space, the traditional – direct marketing is still pretty much bustling and showing exceptional numbers.

Why the savvy marketers still integrate the direct marketing and direct mail in particular into their marketing mix?

The latest DMA Response Rates report numbers speak for itself. The undeniable winner between all media is the phone, or telemarketing. Having said that the fact that direct mail overtakes all digital channels combined by over 600% is a bold declaration that requires our recognition.

The overwhelming numbers of the DMA research are not the only reason you should consider direct mail when creating your next marketing campaign. Here are few more reasons:

  • Mail is real. You can touch it, hold and feel it. Regardless of all screams about unsolicited mail, people like opening their correspondence. 85% of us open their mail the same day it arrives.
  • Direct mail is the most personal marketing channel. The fact that digital advertisement is on the rise makes the direct mail even more attractive. Your message will unquestionably stand out next to all pop-ups on your digital screen.
  • The “modern” Direct mail is more advanced and much simpler to integrate into any marketing mix. A simple QR code printed on your marketing mail piece will not only open a landing page full of valuable information and interactions but will also save you on postage. Ask your mailing services provider about this year USPS postage incentives.

Lastly, lets’ not forget that not everyone has email or computer for that matter, but everyone has a mailbox, and it is without “junk” folder! I am not going to brag any longer and will let the numbers of the following infographic finish the mission..

Traditional Marketing in the Digital Times [INFOGRAPHIC]

Milena Marguenski 

Milena  Marguenski is the owner and CEO of US Presort.

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