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5 Ways to Maximize Lead Quality [GUEST POST]

No matter your industry, you know that not all leads are created equal, which means generating leads isn’t enough; you need to generate quality leads so as not to waste time and money. How big a deal is lead quality? A 10% increase in lead quality can create a 40% jump in revenue, according to […]

Key Financial Tips On How To Bring More Money Into Your Marketing Budget [GUEST POST]

Regardless of industry, effective management of marketing efforts is critical for every business. Ask any well-seasoned businessperson – it doesn’t matter how great a product you have or how much value you add with services you offer; you will never have any clients if your offerings aren’t marketed effectively. If people don’t know what you […]

7 Types of Emails Your Business Should Send

So, you’ve been collecting email addresses through your various campaigns. You’ve dished out free e-books, sign-up bonuses, discounts to your store and just told your readers and followers why it’s so important they give you their email addresses, so they don’t miss out on what you’ve got. But, have you considered what you have got? […]