Get your First Tradeshow Clients with these Marketing Ideas

Get your First Tradeshow Clients with these Marketing Ideas

In terms of getting qualified sales leads, trade shows are basically your best  bet. For a start, these activities allow businesses to interact and engage with their audience in a more straightforward manner. In other words, it is like finding the right person through speed dating.

Okay, not a very good comparison, but trade shows are always a good source of qualified sales leads. In fact, a lot of companies depend on trade shows in order to grow their networks as much as they want to grow their sales. As we can tell from the juicy numbers provided by 

At least 82% of tradeshow attendees have buying authority and that “99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows they did not get from other marketing mediums.”  

Now that you know how trade shows are important marketing opportunities, you may want to determine the best ways to make the most out of your trade show experience. To get your first customer through a trade show, take a look at this important steps.

#1. Presentation is important

1 - Presentation is important

Design your booth in a way that attracts potential customers. Do not always settle with cliched tropes like cardboard cutouts and big LCD screens. Go for more creative ways to give some pizzazz to your first trade show appearance. In other words, always aim for impact as well as substance. Never go for anything less. You have all the resources you need to make your first impression that much significant to any interested trade show attendee. Check out these Emerging Marketing Tools to Be Use for Promoting Events

#2. Giveaways and “party favors”

Trade shows are actually big festivals where like-minded people can mingle and talk about  issues concerning their respective industries.And like most parties, everyone expects a little something to take home with them. Giving away free stuff like ballers and pens with your brand’s logo on them provide a good relief from the usual practice of handing out boring flyers. Instead of doing the usual things trade show exhibitors do, go for promotional material in the form of simple yet usable stuff.

Here’s what we did during Dreamforce 2016 event that had garnered sales closes:

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#3. Listen and engage

Tip 3 - Listen and Engage

Hello. You’re in a trade show, which means you are here to make your voice heard. And there’s no other perfect reason to be in one anyway. You are a business that offers solutions, and so you need to act like someone who reaches out to the attendees rather than beg them to hear you out. Effective talking points that address problems related to IT security and effective POS systems will eventually convince your target audience to listen to you from a sea of attendees.

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There’s no better way to interact with your  potential clients than through trade shows. If you’re curious what else is there for marketers to use in order to grow sales, then you might want to read other insightful stuff in our blog.

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