Top 10 Callbox Reels Handpicked Just for YOU

Top 10 Callbox Reels

Videos are one of the most effective ways to convey messages quickly and efficiently. This channel is a good story-telling medium and effectively connects, converts, and cultivates your business’ B2B lead generation initiatives. To back this claim, there’s a study revealing that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. 

In the B2B industry, where almost everyone is short on time, it’s the most appropriate tool to let everyone hear about your brand. Despite being a preferred and dynamic medium, B2B videos have one setback- they’re painfully boring. Since they’re geared towards businesses, most organizations keep this content formal and focused. Unluckily, these won’t educate and entertain your target audience. 

However, not all B2B lead generation service providers fall into this horrendous trap. Our Callbox Team begs to differ. With multi-channel marketing as today’s leading marketing strategy, we ensure that our content addresses your most pressing organizational needs and the issues preventing your business from growing. That is, through the channels, our customers find enjoyable to navigate through.

Our team puts our best foot forward to give you not just the most recent details relating to the B2B industry, but the most educational and efficient marketing techniques right from lead generation to every step involved therein. With the help of our in-house experts, we’ve curated the most useful content that’ll help you along the way.

Here, we’ve rounded up and especially hand-picked the top 10 best Callbox Reels that’ll make you want to tune in and click that subscribe button.

What is the Most Productive Way of Generating Leads?

In this short video, Eva Figueroa, Business Development Manager, shares her expertise when it comes to utilizing and leveraging all the available channels to boost lead generations and engage with your target audience efficiently. 

The most effective way of generating leads, according to her, is through the use of multiple channels. Those days when contacting your target audience are one through cold calls or sending emails are a thing of the past.

The ideal method for you and your team to interact with your target audience at the moment is to use and harness all the channels that are now accessible to you and your team.

Take for example. When your prospect doesn’t pick up his phone, you can try sending out an email, connecting with them on LinkedIn, or sending out text messages (these are still a thing nowadays, especially since most prospects work at home and have their phones at hand).

Marketing Automation: Human Touchpoints

What do you mean by “human touch” in marketing automation? Many businesses have forgotten that they sell to genuine people. Humans are concerned with the full experience, not just the marketing, sales, or service. While modern technology speeds up work processes, human intervention still matters.

Gary Sia, Business Development Manager, takes you on a visual trip on the example of a human touchpoint scenario in this reel. Here, he explains the wonders of automation combined with human assistance for your business. 

Here’s a tip he shared: Engaging with a prospect on LinkedIn lets them know you’re active there and increases their recall of you.

The human part, as he discussed, comes in when you send an email to somebody, connect with them on LinkedIn, and send them a follow-up email after a few days – kind of like engaging with them with your social post.

Human touchpoints

However, the influence of human touch doesn’t end there. We’re not here to just send a bunch of automatic emails and robotic responses, we’re here to engage with our prospects.  A healthy exchange of thoughts between you as a marketer and your customer eases the sales process. 

Although it helps that you’re actively engaging and connecting with your prospects, using other channels like LinkedIn to get in touch with them gives your transactions a more human approach.

All in all, it’s important to remember that our clients are humans who have emotions and crave connections too. Sales and marketing aren’t always about closed deals, it’s all about building rapport and customer relationships too.

How To Capture Hand-raisers: Creating Targeted Content and Optimizing for Opt-ins

In this video, Content Manager Ben-Larry Belgica outlines the value of developing focused content and improving opt-ins to help you get more leads from hand-raisers.

Hand-raisers, in the marketing context, refer to prospects who show particular interest in the company by providing their contact info in exchange for something of value like free consultations and virtual content offers. 

Customers surf through the web and click on your website because they’re looking for specific solutions for their pain points. However, a simple online listing of products and services won’t do the job.

Slide screenshot

Here’s how you can make it worth their while: create a landing page. This page should make its features/capabilities easily accessible for your prospects in one place, like the provision of all the relevant information your customer needs, product/service benefits, and brand comparisons.

Lead Nurturing Emails Over Standalone Emails

Anna Sotelo, Business Development Manager, talks about the workflow for email outreach and the various email sequence configurations for customers at various points in the buying process, from sending an introduction email to scheduling a demo.

Lead nurturing email sample

In this short presentation, Anna Sotelo gives an example of a straightforward email outreach workflow, including six email copies that are scheduled to be sent out.

While an email marketing automation tool helps send out messages, she reminds us that sales cadences, or touchpoint sequences with a prospect who attempts to establish connections for sales or engagement, differ from one sales process type to another. With these in mind, it’s best practice to create different sequences for the different phases in the buyer’s journey. 

To achieve this, she segments them according to job title, and industry. She also creates a different email cadence set up for those with whom she already engaged or shared a proposal.

Hosting Webinars Can Give You 100x More Leads!

Hosting webinars requires loads of effort and your organization’s unyielded support. In this reel, Gary Sia, Business Development Manager shows how hosting webinars can be an effective lead magnet, thought leadership, and brand-building strategy. He as well shares how this helps you find and sift webinar leads with sales potential. 

In addition, he talked about LinkedIn events and their features that allow members to create, join, and search for events.

From webinar promotion to conversion

Non-Techie Ways of Selling Technology: The #1 Rule

Selling technology is really difficult. The secret to marketing your tech successfully is to sell it in a non-techie way. 

Katrina Davis, Business Development Manager, offers some ideas on how to get through these obstacles and start bringing in more new logos, sales, and upsells.

In this video, she talks about the number one rule in selling tech to on-techies: We don’t talk about technology.

Technology doesn't evoke emotion

 All the jargon makes it appear cutting-edge and sound spectacular, but they don’t truly appeal to non-technical customers.

People don’t necessarily want to know the specific details of how technical products work. Instead, they want to know how it can help them and how they can use them for their needs.

So, when selling to non-techies, you need to feature what they would benefit from it like time-saving capabilities and ease of access.

Why is it Important to Recycle or Re-Engage with Old Leads?

You must constantly take every possible step to turn your marketing leads into sales when it comes to B2B marketing. But don’t think those leads are suddenly useless and futile if this doesn’t happen! Even more seasoned B2B marketing leads can eventually result in deals, but only if you recycle them.

Believe it or not: 30 to 40% of new transactions come from recycled, outdated leads. You’re losing out on those potential sales if you overlook lead recycling. 

Gary Sia shares the best insights about lead recycling and how it contributes to B2B success in this Callbox Reel episode.

How To Convert Prospects Effectively Through Multi-Channel Outreach

If you run a B2B business and account-based marketing (ABM) isn’t already a part of your company’s vocabulary, you need to catch up real quick.

Simply described, ABM is a strategic marketing and sales approach that discovers, contacts, and develops sales prospects by concentrating on high-value corporate accounts rather than particular people.

The most valued clients are given priority first when using account-based marketing. Overall, individual campaigns are used to personalize the marketing message to each customer’s specific needs and features.

Michael Pacit, Business Development Manager, outlines what ABM is and details how Multi-Channel Outreach may be used to convert prospects. Here, he expounds on the different stages of the buyer’s journey: Identify, Expand, Engage, and Convert and the role of ABM in enhancing sales. 

Moreover, he also discussed the different channels marketers can engage with their customers: Webinar, Website, Chat, Social, Voice, and Email.

Expanding Your Contact List Through Intent Data and ABM Approach

While building an email list is a must, it’s also important to know how to do it right. In this episode of Callbox Reels, Content Manager Ben-Larry Belgica shares the best practices when it comes to building and expanding your contact list through intent data.

Intent data

Intent data are bits of information that allow you to learn about the activities of your prospects and target accounts outside of your website, like: 

  • Some publications they downloaded related to a topic connected to your offerings
  • Relevant webinars that they attended 
  • The latest news about their organization

Gathering these kinds of data will help you run a more targeted campaign. Tied up with ABM, your contacts won’t just be lists but a compilation of relevant data that’d be useful not just for current business transactions, but for future ones too.

Winning Combo: List Segmentation and Personalization

The importance of emails in marketing is insurmountable. There’s another thing that equals its importance: Making sure that the right emails get sent to the right people. And this is possible through contact segmentation.

Ben-Larry Belgica, Content Manager, demonstrates how to intelligently segment your contacts so that you can always send the appropriate message to the appropriate recipient.

Segmenting your connections according to how frequently they use social media or the internet is a highly successful tactic. Here are two crucial questions you can ask:

Do they routinely share articles or videos? Do they take part in webinars or podcasts?

Personalized messaging

Segmentation enables marketers to develop content for certain consumer groups, whereas personalization entails delving deeper into each client within a segment on an individual basis.

One important note from the speaker goes: People won’t necessarily flag something as spam when they know that senders put a lot of effort into researching and personalizing the message. Hence, research and personalization are correlated and their importance shouldn’t be disregarded.

Our closing thoughts…

We here at Callbox can’t stress enough how using multi-channel, especially videos, is important in conveying our brand’s story, insights, and B2B marketing tips in this widely digital age.

While it keeping updated with blogs, ebooks, and infographics can be overwhelming, videos provide a lightweight, entertaining, and comprehensive way to learn something in the long run.

Knowing what piques your interests and what channels you preferably enjoy consuming our content is a must in the modern B2B area- most importantly since we want to not only keep a solid relationship with you, and our clients but also engage with you and provide you the greatest advice we have only collected from the industry’s leading experts.

Although marketing is flooded with hard data and statistics, we provide you with the best resources here in an easy-to-digest way. In this post, we’ve included 10 of our top recommendations for Callbox Reels. Take a look to determine which of these posts best suits your needs and what you should keep in mind to excel in B2B marketing.

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