Talk Leads and ABM with Callbox’s VP, Rebecca at INBOUND 2019

Talk Leads and ABM with Callbox's VP, Rebecca at Inbound 2019 (Featured Image)

Callbox is going for an exciting learning experience as we join INBOUND 2019 from September 3-6 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

INBOUND is a weeklong affair, yearly round-up of more than twenty thousand super-inquisitive pros, thought industry leaders and business enthusiasts. It’s one of the biggest happenings in the business world that hosts hundreds of sessions featuring speakers from different sectors and packed with thrilling events and unbounded educational discussions.

Since its inception in 2012, thousands of marketers, salespeople, and customer success professionals have taken pride in being able to converge in knowledge-rich sessions, inspiring talks, and fun in one of the fastest-growing business events in the world.

INBOUND is more than just a four-day nonstop learning fair but showcases world-class artists from the entertainment hub to perform live before tens of thousands.

Callbox’s VP for Sales and Marketing, Rebecca is joining INBOUND 2019

Callbox’s VP for Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Matias, will be at INBOUND 2019.

The smart and witty sales and marketing VP looks forward to learning actionable tactics and strategies that can scale up business and self-growth and hear the latest and biggest ideas from Spotlight speakers. 

Rebecca can’t wait to hear the inspiring stories of brands and people who fearlessly take their industries to higher levels. These stories are made to come to life via online interviews, short videos, and curated content.

On the other hand, Rebecca is also keen to meet and engage with fellow practitioners from various industries and interests, and is open to share knowledge on how Callbox can provide valuable experience and insights to businesses. You may book a meeting with her through the link below.


Quickly looking back at INBOUND 2018, it really rocked hard. It gathered more than twenty-four thousand attendees from one hundred four countries and hosted more than two hundred fifty sessions and eight hundred seventy rubber ducks in Club INBOUND.

Participants from past events thought it was both an exciting and educative experience for creative marketers, product managers, start-up founders, and anyone who wants more than just data science learning, but on the lookout for positive energy, fresh knowledge and empowered ways to move forth at work, and the same hype and fun is expected by the attendees of the upcoming INBOUND this September.

And being one of the thousands of spectators in the upcoming event, we can’t keep our adrenaline rush so we took a peep at what’s going to happen.

INBOUND 2019 has more than three hundred different sessions in store for you which will be facilitated by the A-1 spotlight and breakout speakers from different industries, including top brands like Facebook, Google, and Kimpton. 

A number of authors and writers will inspire you in the INBOUND Studio, while leaders in comedy will fill the place with laughter with the power of humor. And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the hype and fun that your fave celebs will bring at the main stage and ballroom.

So leave you every day at the office and join this one of a kind learning, connecting and inspiring experience from the most fun, entertaining and educational business event, INBOUND 2019.

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