Callbox Updates Pipeline CRM with ABM Features and UI Makeover

Callbox Updates Pipeline CRM with ABM Features and UI Makeover

Callbox, an award-winning B2B lead generation company, this week released fresh updates to Pipeline, its proprietary CRM and marketing automation platform. The recently-unveiled updates include the following:

The new feature set vastly enhances and extends Pipeline CRM’s user experience and core functionalities for both clients and internal users.

We wanted to go beyond just tweaking Pipeline’s look and feel, says Rebecca Matias, Callbox’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

All these changes were made with the goal of giving users the ability to quickly see the big picture or drill down for a detailed view of things—from the campaign, accounts and contacts, all the way down to individual touches.

New ABM capabilities

One of these major improvements is the integration of ABM features into Pipeline. Pipeline CRM now enables Callbox campaigns to effectively apply account-based lead generation and sales prospecting strategies.

Users can now choose between Contacts View and Accounts View when looking at leads and prospects. Under Accounts View, contacts are displayed according to the organization they’re connected to. This makes it easy to target accounts and understand which decision makers in a company to engage.

Account View

Callbox Pipeline Account View

Contact View

Callbox Pipeline Contact View

More intuitive dashboard and Richer reporting features

The Callbox team also redesigned the layout and appearance of Pipeline’s main dashboard and other reports pages based on user suggestions and feedback.

Aside from grouping leads by account as the default view, the main dashboard now shows lead scores for each prospect alongside other key details. This gives users a real-time update of each lead’s status at a single glance.

Pipeline Home

Screenshot of Callbox Pipeline CRM Home

Campaign Reports

To provide Pipeline users with a bigger picture of the campaign, the Pipeline Campaign Reports dashboard now highlights the most essential KPIs and metrics – grouped by channels. Users will not only see the individual impact of each channel, but they can also gauge how the channels complement each other.

Callbox Pipeline Report

Streamlined Lead Nurture interface

Pipeline CRM ships with a marketing automation engine called Lead Nurture. Lead Nurture allows users to easily define and execute custom lead nurturing schemes using a drag-and-drop workspace.

This week’s round of updates also focused on improving the Lead Nurture UI. A major change is the addition of a new tab for viewing email templates used in a lead nurturing scheme. This enables users to handily determine which templates are working and which ones aren’t.

The redesigned UI for Lead Nurture now displays scheme performance reports by default. This aligns with the other enriched reporting features included in the new Pipeline updates.

Lead Nurture Reports

Callbox Lead Nurture Reports

Lead Nurture Emails

Callbox Lead Nurture Email Templates

Faster and more robust overall performance

A huge portion of the new updates was carried out to improve Pipeline CRM’s response and page load times. Better server management and backend optimization have resulted in a significant boost in performance.

It’s a faster and smarter platform, Rebecca adds. The key thing is that it helps produce better results for our customers.

The new and improved Pipeline CRM will go live on July 8, 2019. In the meantime, a beta version of the new and improved Pipeline is now up and running. Current Pipeline users can take it for a spin via this link (updated):

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