Celebrating Father’s Day 2024: Honoring Callbox’s Amazing Dads

Father's Day Spotlight The Amazing Dads of Callbox

Every year on Father’s Day, we take a moment to appreciate the incredible men who shape our lives. Here at Callbox, a B2B Lead Generation Company, we’re surrounded by some truly super dads.

This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate these amazing dads and share a glimpse into their world. Today, we’re getting to know these incredible men a little better, diving into their unique fatherhood journeys and the special ways they balance work at Callbox with the joys of being a dad as well as the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

So, let’s raise a toast to these amazing men. Here’s to celebrating Father’s Day by honoring the dads who make Callbox not just a workplace, but a family.

Let’s Meet the Callbox’s Amazing Dads!

‘Rom’ing with Leadership and Love

Rom, the visionary leader behind Callbox, isn’t just a CEO – he’s also a dedicated father! Rom has an exceptional ability to lead with both strength and compassion, a skill honed through his journey of raising three children.

Callbox CEO, Rom Agustin and his children
Get to know more about Rom by connecting with his LinkedIn account: Rom Agustin.

As we’re curious to see how fatherhood influenced his leadership style, we asked him a few questions:

How does fatherhood influence your leadership style

The experience of raising 3 children wasn’t just preparation for life; it was my CEO training ground. Fatherhood honed my patience and tenacity as I strived to raise smart, creative, ambitious, and well-rounded kids. These are the same qualities I try to bring to Callbox, fostering a similar environment for our Callboxers.

In a unique twist, Callbox shares a birthday with my eldest son. This special connection makes me see Callbox and our Callboxers as my eldest child, setting a strong example for the future, just like a big brother or sister.

Rom’s philosophy extends beyond mere management; it’s about nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive. Just as he supports his children’s growth, he fosters a culture at Callbox that encourages innovation, resilience, and collaboration. We also know that balancing work and childcare can be a juggling act, so as a hands on dad with his children, we asked Rom about his experience:

What was your experience managing both professional responsibilities and childcare?

My experience in raising Callbox and my other 3 children has been wonderful.  Although it’s challenging to divide my time between each and every child/Callbox, I believe I was able to give the right amount of attention and time to all 4 (Callbox, Aiden, Kamille, and Zain).

Rom Agustin thoughts about his experience managing both professional and childcare

Twenty years later, it has now come to the point that I’m finding that instead of just teaching Callbox and my kids the ways of the world, my kids and Callbox has now been teaching me.

Rom’s narrative is a testament to the delicate balance required to excel as both a leader and a father. His commitment to giving equal attention and time to each of his ‘four children’—his three kids and Callbox—showcases his dedication to nurturing all his passions.

Jaime: Orchestrating Parenthood and Operations

Jaime, our VP of Operations and Global Channel Partner Liaison in the LATAM office, shares a heartfelt story of fatherhood that highlights the profound impact of nurturing a child’s passion.

Jaime Garcia,  VP of Operations and Global Channel Partner Liaison of Callbox and his son
Get to know more about Jaime by connecting with his LinkedIn account: Jaime Garcia

Jaime, one of the seasoned leaders at Callbox, has found that fatherhood is not just a role, but a transformative journey that has deeply influenced his approach to life and work. His story is one of passion, tradition, and the joy of watching a child’s dreams take flight.

How has becoming a father changed you?

With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share a personal story close to my heart. One of my fondest memories as a dad was taking my son to airshows as a kid. We spent hours watching the planes soar through the sky, doing incredible maneuvers. I remember his look of awe and excitement as he watched the pilots perform their stunts. It was our special father-son tradition, something we both looked forward to several times a year.

These airshows ignited a passion in him that only grew with time. From his first Young Eagle’s flight in fourth grade to commencing flying lessons at fourteen, he was resolute in making his dream a reality. Today, I’m filled with pride to share that my son is a 737 pilot for American Airlines, living his dream and soaring through the skies, just like those pilots we used to watch.

This journey has taught me a valuable lesson about the significance of nurturing our children’s interests and spending quality time with them. It’s remarkable how a simple tradition or shared experience can shape their future. Remember this as we celebrate Father’s Day and continue inspiring the next generation.

Jaime’s story is a testament to the lasting impact of shared experiences and traditions. His commitment to spending quality time with his son not only fostered a deep bond but also ignited a lifelong passion that led to a successful career in aviation.

Jhesrhel: Innovating Parenthood, One Byte at a Time 

Jhesrhel, our dedicated IT Manager, balances the demands of his technical role with the joys and challenges of fatherhood. His approach to parenting emphasizes the importance of time, love, and fostering creativity in his child’s development.

Jhesrhel Diolosa - IT manager of Callbox with his wife and son

What are some specific ways you contribute to your children’s growth and development?

Give them your time, love, and care. Play. As much as education is important for the growth and development of our son, so is play. 
We make sure to create an environment that allows him to play and be as creative as he can, apart from school activities.

Jhesrhel Diolosa insights for specific ways that he can contribute to child's growth and development

Jhesrhel’s philosophy centers on the idea that play is a crucial part of a child’s development as formal education. By creating an environment where his son can explore, imagine, and create, he helps cultivate a well-rounded individual who is not only knowledgeable but also innovative and expressive.

Dhanhil, the Sales-sational Dad

Dhanhil, a dedicated Senior Business Development Manager, has experienced an impressive change since embracing fatherhood. His journey shows the power of parenthood in shaping one’s character and approach to life.

Dhanhil Merck Ty - senior business development manager of Callbox and his son
Get to know more about Dhanhil by connecting with his LinkedIn account: Dhanhil Ty

In what ways has fatherhood influenced your personality or approach to life?

Fatherhood has been a challenging journey of self-discovery for me. It has taught me how to become more responsible and sensensitive in the things I do in life. My priorities have shifted and I find myself viewing the world through a different lens—one that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of my child above all else.

Since becoming a father, I became more mindful of the example I set and the values I instill in my son. Every decision I make, unlike before, I always have to consider my actions since it will have a great impact on my son’s future.

Dhanhil’s journey reflects the transformative impact of fatherhood on one’s character and perspective. Through his experiences, he has discovered newfound depths of responsibility, empathy, and purpose, shaping him into a more compassionate and driven individual.

Ben there, done that—Digital Marketing Dad Extraordinaire

Ben, our Digital Marketing Manager, not only excels in crafting successful marketing campaigns but also brings that same dedication and strategic thinking to his role as a father. His journey highlights the importance of partnership and balance in both professional and personal life.

Ben Belgica, digital marketing manager of Callbox with his sons
Learn how to produce content that will make prospects buy with Ben-Larry Belgica.

How do you support your partner in parenting, and how do you share parenting responsibilities?

In our family, parenting is definitely a team effort. My wife and I share responsibilities to make sure our two sons, aged 12 and 4, are well taken care of and supported in everything they do.

We both chip in with the daily routines. My wife often handles meals and makes sure everyone is up and ready for the day, while I take on the school stuff like helping with homework, studying, and attending school meetings. This way, we can each focus on what we’re good at and ensure our boys get the support they need.

Ben digital marketing manager of Callbox sharing quote in parenting responsibilities

Our approach is all about teamwork and good communication, making sure we’re both involved in the day-to-day aspects of parenting and providing a well-rounded support system for our children.

Ben’s approach to parenting emphasizes the significance of partnership and active involvement. His commitment to sharing responsibilities and fostering a supportive environment showcases the power of teamwork in raising well-rounded children.

Looking for a B2B lead generation company?

As we celebrate these wonderful fathers, we also ask them to share their wisdom with aspiring dads. Their insights are both inspiring and practical, providing valuable guidance for those embarking on the journey of fatherhood.

What advice would you give to aspiring dads?


  • Be a friend to your kids but also remind them that you are the parent who needs to be treated with respect
  • Money and gifts can’t replace time spent with your kids
  • Kind-hearted fathers generally make kind-hearted children
  • Teach your kids about finance, investment, savings, etc very early and you’ll give them lessons that will return 1000%
  • Continue to dream because if you can’t accomplish them, your kids might accomplish it for you.  And that’s good enough.


Embrace the journey wholeheartedly. Becoming a father has transformed me in ways I never imagined. It has taught me patience, empathy, and the true meaning of unconditional love. My advice to aspiring dads is to cherish every moment, even the challenging ones because they are opportunities for growth and connection. 


Parenting is a whole new adventure every single day. There is no perfect method or strategy. Just do your best, trust your father’s instinct, and enjoy the journey especially when they are still young.

You need more than just a gigabyte of patience but one thing is for sure, it will be all worth it.


Be more involved in your child’s life since your presence and guidance have a significant effect on the upbringing of your children. Always remember that the affection you give your child will greatly contribute to his character.


My advice to aspiring dads is to stay engaged and be an active part of your children’s lives. Work as a team with your partner, communicate openly, and don’t just be a dad, be a friend to your kids. Make sure to enjoy the small moments with your kids—they grow up faster than you think!

A Father’s Day Message from Callbox

These are just a few of the amazing dads who make Callbox a family. Their dedication to their children and their work is truly inspiring.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all the dads out there, not just those at Callbox. You are the rock of your families, the source of endless love and support, and the ones who teach us valuable life lessons along the way.

We hope these stories have inspired you and reminded you of the importance of fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Callbox!