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5 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing [GUEST POST]

Have you ever wondered how you could take Instagram marketing to the supreme level? Have you ever considered the implying of the various tools that support your practices out there for making your marketing techniques successful? Integrating has best tools with your marketing strategy can aid you in presenting the much professional impression and let […]

Ditch that Pitch: The Case Against Selling to First-Time Prospects

You’ve probably come across the ancient sales adage “resist the itch to pitch”, and you’ve most likely felt and gave into this irresistible urge yourself one too many times already. It turns out, there’s sound reason behind the rhyme. Sadly, though, this point gets lost on many sales and marketing folks, inevitably leading to an […]

Growth Hacking Your Startup in 4 Awesome Ways

  Statistics for startups can be devastating and discouraging. And though the numbers vary when it comes to failure rate for startups, it is generally estimated to be somewhere between 80 and 90 percent. Even the businesses that start big can lose momentum and end up with closed door. There is no easy way for […]

5 Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2016

In 2015 digital marketing was more popular than ever and in 2016 its popularity will continue to grow. Social networks are becoming more suitable for promoting various businesses and community manager position became one of the most popular jobs in recent years. In this article we reviewed some new social media trends and inspect how […]

How to Know if SaaS or On-Premise is Better for Your Startup?

  With rising popularity of SaaS and other kinds of resource environments such are data storing clouds, business world comes to an important steppingstone, when capabilities of these concepts need to be measured and when companies need to determine whether these smart solutions will be more beneficiary for them than standard software installations and other […]

There Are 4 Types Of Salespeople – Which One Are You?

Logan Strain underscored in his article on nextgenleads.com, that there are different types of salespeople. Based on his observation there are four; academics, empaths, closers and grinders. For sales coaches, it pays to know which category each member falls and how to take advantage of their potentials. Each might have unique abilities to pin down sales […]

Confession of a Google Spammer

For a black hat seo practitioner, linkbuilding was a goldmine. But all bad things must come to an end, including spamming. Here’s an article by Jeff Deutsch, Ptengine’s VP of Marketing, as he confesses and unveils the cloak of his dark past. For someone who started as a Google spammer, a backflip to Whitehat and […]

Curated: 13 Business Goals You Can Achieve Through Email Marketing

Aside from the obvious, email marketing has more uses than merely as a lead generation tool. In an article on convinceandconvert.com, Rohan Ayyar enumerated 13 business goals you can achieve by just sending an email. Leaving no stone unturned, he listed creative ways in maximizing your email marketing efforts. Indeed, there’s more to it. It […]

Philippine BPO Firm Callbox Plans Expansion in Iloilo City

Iloilo, City, Philippines, Sept 7, 2015 — Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm Callbox, one of the original BPO companies, to invest in Iloilo City, is investing additional money to expand its operations in the city. Callbox chief executive officer Rom Agustin stressed that the investment bodes well for its plan to create 2,000 new jobs […]

Defend a Higher Price: 3 Steps

So you sell a premium product or service We’re talking big ticket here, not a dollar store find. So how do you convince your prospect to buy despite your higher price? Article originally published on Inc.com here. You can charge more than your competition once you learn how to make price irrelevant. Here’s how. Probably […]

B2B Marketing Trends for 2015

  Today, the landscape of B2B market is in constant state of flux, making it crucial to keep track on the significant shifts of trends every day. But merely identifying these trends isn’t enough; marketers should identify which will give opportunity or threat to the business. And eventually find ways to maximize the opportunities and […]