Callbox Masterclass Webinar: Fuel Your Funnel with the Right Sales Cadence

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Over the past years, B2B marketing has experienced a lot of changes in the marketing landscape. With the explosion of new marketing tactics, the boom of different marketing channels and tools, and the sporadic change of the market’s demands such as the increased need for lead generation services and database management, it has been such a challenging year of keeping up.

Let’s welcome 2020 by continuing the talk about good sales and marketing strategies as we launch Callbox Masterclass Webinar. This year will be filled with exciting events that will surely power your marketing initiatives to a whole new level. And first up is Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020.

Growing your pipeline, as well as the continued nurturing of your prospects, can often be a lot to manage. From the time you make your first call, to that moment when you eventually open a conversation with a decision-maker, it can take days – even weeks. And this will be the same for the majority of your contacts. Things definitely would get out of hand. Now how do you keep up and take control? A sales cadence!

Join Jaime Garcia – Callbox VP for Client Services, and Charmaine Española – Callbox Creative Director as they help us understand what a sales cadence is, explain how a sales cadence can help streamline your sales funnel, and know how you can establish that right sequence for your campaign.

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 is a webinar streaming on January 9, 2020, Thursday, 2 PM PST and 2 PM SGT. There will be two sessions to cater to both the US/Canada and the Asia Pacific, that’s 2 PM for both time zones.

Register now and learn how you can effectively engage and nurture your prospects over time to move them closer toward conversion.

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