Callbox Completes Lead Nurturing Tool

Callbox Completes Lead Nurturing Tool

Encino, CA ­ January 22, 2016 ­ Callbox announces the completion of its marketing automation platform as a value­ added service for sales managers looking to increase their supply of leads. The Lead Nurturing Tool is the latest addition to Callbox’s Pipeline CRM software which is included in the standard Callbox lead generation and appointment setting campaign package.

The Lead Nurturing Tool frees a user from manually queueing and performing mechanical tasks involved in timing and initiating contact with prospects. It works by executing a programmed flow chart of actions and triggers called a schema. Sending emails to contacts unreachable by phone and prioritizing calls to contacts who have opened an email or visited a landing page are among the many possible actions that can be automated with a schema.

With its drag­and­drop interface, a client can create a customized schema from scratch. Alternatively, a client can use the handy Master Schemas created by Callbox. Each Master Schema has been designed, tested and optimized to suit a specific situation or goal. The platform unites existing Pipeline CRM technologies for database, email and messaging, predictive dialling, and social media integration. Its ability to coordinate over 1300 contact attempts a day through phone calls, email, LinkedIn, SMS, web and postal mail allows a Callbox account team to run a Multi­-Touch Multi-­Channel campaign efficiently.

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Originally designed and developed by Callbox’s marketing software team for the company’s internal lead generation efforts, the Lead Nurturing Tool is the result of over six months of real- world testing and optimization.

“Letting our software deal with the repetitive processes that we used to do by hand allowed our sales and marketing people to be five times more productive,” says Rom Agustin, chief executive officer. “I wanted our clients to experience the same success we’ve had with marketing automation by making the platform available with every campaign package.”

Callbox clients can access the Lead Nurturing Tool by logging in to their cloud ­based Pipeline account. Reports and logs of all marketing automation activity are available on Pipeline for tracking and transparency. For Sales managers looking to learn more about the Lead Nurturing Tool’s features you can view the five ­minute video demo or request information at

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