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Power up your Callbox campaign with your Salesforce account using Callbox DialStream

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Callbox Dialstream to Salesforce

Get your Callbox team on DialStream

Get that business edge by using a faster, more productive dialer solution to contact, connect, and close more leads

Salesforce Dialstream

What is DialStream?

Callbox DialStream is your quickest hookup to achieving smarter phone productivity and gaining more hot leads. With your Callbox team working seamlessly with your Salesforce contacts, you’ll experience what true efficiency is all about.

More flexibility and speed

DialStream is built to deliver massive efficiency gains and better overall sales performance.

Smarter Conversations

Establish better and smarter engagement with prospects as it presents customer data relevant to each call.

Better Performance and Insights

Customizable reports and analytics make it easier for you to guage effectiveness and make adjustments

Salesforce Dialler

Key Features

Save yourself from software installations and data transfers

You can access and dial your Salesforce contacts directly through DialStream, no sweat! Connect to your Salesforce account with one click and you’re good to go.

Callbox Salesforce Campaign

Keep an eye on your campaign directly from your Salesforce account.

When your Callbox callers add notes to each call, send an email, or leave a voicemail message, all data are logged directly to your Salesforce account in real time.

Dialstream Auto-dial

Work fast and furious with DialStream’s Auto-Dial feature

We step on the gas by going “auto” on your dialling process. DialStream not only significantly increases the calls we make, but also the amount of time we spend talking to prospects.

Dialstream Click-to-dial

Stay in control with good ole Click-To-Dial function

DialStream lets your Callbox team set the ideal pace to contact your prospects. By toggling auto-dialing on or off, agents gain the flexibility to scale calling activities as needed.

Dialstream Smart contextual data

Enrich your conversations with smart contextual data

View of the relevant prospect information along with the overall activity history lets your Callbox team make smarter touchpoints with prospects to move them further down the sales funnel.

Dialstream Email social media

Reinforce your campaigns with Email and Social Media features

We engage propsects through personalized emails and make instant connections through their social networking profiles. Nothing is more comprehensive than DialStream — with just a single tool, you get the whole enchilada.

Dialstream Call on demand

Keep your Salesforce data up-to-date and complete with Call-on-Demand

Call-on-Demand lets you specify which Salesforce records you want your Callbox team to prioritize at any moment. Call-on-Demand allows your team to:

  • Promptly respond to hot leads you would like contacted as soon as possible
  • Collect more information on new prospects that just came in through your pipeline
  • Re-profile “dead contacts” to get new, viable contacts for the same target company
  • On your Salesforce dashboard, you tag the record you want prioritized
  • Your Callbox agent is promptly notified of your tag and the record is moved to the top of the call list
Dialstream Reports

Generate call reports using the Salesforce report engine

Assess your campaign’s performance by looking at call durations, call results and other pertinent data, all of which are readily accessible with just a few clicks.

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