Callbox Blog: The Savvy Marketer Earns a Spot on Top 100 B2B Marketing Blogs

Callbox Blog: The Savvy Marketer Earns on Top 100 B2B Marketing Blogs

George Eyser was a German American gymnast who won a gold medal in the 1904 Olympic Games. Hungarian Karoly Takacs competed in shooting events in both the 1948 and 1952 Summer Olympics. Danish Liz Hartel was an equestrian athlete who won a silver medal in the dressage event in 1943. (wikipedia)

Winning was neither an overnight success nor just a stroke of luck for these Olympians. It took them a full courageous, determined heart to be able to endure long restless days, months and years of strenuous training, and numerous competitions (priced or not) in order to gain more skills and learn and improve tactical strokes.

They strove their way to the top by sacrificing precious family moments and maybe even career opportunities but on the contrary such sports engagement have paved the way for them to be recognized as the best athletes in the world’s most prestigious sports competition – this, despite them being paralytic.

Like these para-athletes, Callbox may not completely possess all the needed strategies and tools that top blog sites have, but manages to maximize the best practices and processes they currently have to bring out the best in them.

Callbox The Savvy Marketer was recently recognized by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 B2B Marketing Blog Winners for 2016.

Anuj Agarwal, Founder of Feedspot, conveyed his congratulatory greetings to Callbox’s The Savvy Marketer staff in an email saying:

“I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog The Savvy Marketer By Callbox has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 B2B Marketing blogs on the web.”

Smiles framed on the staff’s faces expressing their gratitude and fulfillment for the recognition that finally, endless days and sleepless nights they  endured on researching and strategizing to deliver quality blogs were all worth the time and effort spent. This, despite a few challenges on quality and effectiveness but which were quickly countered with improved strategies. Nevertheless, the team focused on achieving its goals:

  • To impart not just mere knowledge but tell stories about life and business experiences that contain beneficial information that its readers may employ.
  • To learn new knowledge and acquire better skills in order to deliver more useful ideas
  • To empower each other with motivational tools to survive any challenges that may arise in the course.

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Anuj added: “I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top B2B Marketing blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!”

The recognition from Feedspot inspires The Savvy Marketer to continue to produce quality and compelling blogs that will not only serve as references but would tell stories and share lessons based on real life and business experiences for readers.

Eyser, Takacs and Hartel proved to the sports populace that a missing or disabled limb can never hinder paralytics like them from doing sports like gymnastics – with an artificial leg, shooting – with only one arm and ride a horse – with a polio stricken limb, and succeed in the Olympics, just as Callbox The Savvy Marketer, despite the few challenges, stands proud to be recognized as one of the TOP B2B Marketing Blogs for 2016!

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