Lead Generation on LinkedIn: 11 Proven Ways to Secure Qualified Leads

Lead Generation on LinkedIn 11 Proven Ways to Secure Qualified Leads

Are you a freelancer or a budding entrepreneur? 

If the answer was a resounding yes, this article is for you. 

From your experience as an entrepreneur, you would know that one of the biggest challenges faced by any new business owner is lead generation. 

Generating quality leads is crucial for any business’ growth as effective leads can convert to faithful customers. Most businesses run online today. So, as technology is growing, mechanisms to generate leads are also growing.

The internet and lead generation for businesses have a directly proportional relationship. To that note, social media websites such as LinkedIn have come into the picture to enhance leads.

With the help of this article, we will tell you everything about the most effective lead generation tactics on LinkedIn that will help your business prosper. Read on to find out!

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Generating Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was born in May 2003. Ever since then, it was used as a platform for professional networking. Nevertheless, today, LinkedIn is one of the platforms that has proved to be extremely powerful and influential in leading generation and brand building. 

LinkedIn is used by over 774 million users from more than 200 countries. So, there is ample scope for generating leads and growing your business through LinkedIn. We have collated 11 tactics that will enable LinkedIn to help you with lead generation. 

Take a look!

1. Introductions Are In Order

It’s all about connecting. If you have to generate leads, you have to connect. So, the best way to establish a connection or a relationship with them is to introduce yourself to them. 

It does not have to be a lengthy introduction – a short and crisp introduction will certainly catch people’s attention.

2. Participation Gives You Brownie Points

Targeting a niche audience is one of the most important aspects of any business. To further this agenda, you’d be surprised to know that there are discussion groups and forums for all niches that you can think of!

Such groups consist of people who are looking for specific answers and support. You can participate and dispense your knowledge and build relationships in these groups. Soon enough, people will start approaching you regarding your expert services.

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3. Collect and Let the Leads Lead You

LinkedIn Ads offer you a feature known as ‘Lead Collection.’ Essentially, this feature enables advertisers to collect or generate leads through their own LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Naturally, people who click on your ad are redirected to the landing page of your company. This feature lets you enhance your lead generation list.

LinkedIn Ads
Source: https://venturebeat.com/

4. Find Common Ground

One of the coolest features of LinkedIn is that you can send free messages to anyone belonging to the same group as you. It doesn’t matter if you are each other’s connections – you can still send a message!

On LinkedIn, you can be a part of up to 50 groups at once. So, all you have to do is find the groups and people who would classify as the niche audience. Once you have found the target audience, you can look for that common ground to help you bond with potential customers and connections.

5. Optimization Should Never Be Neglected

Most of you might already know what search engine optimization can do for your brand. Well, you should know that you can optimize your LinkedIn profile as well. 

If you want your company’s profile to show up on a LinkedIn search, the best way to do it is to include keywords in your bio. If you want to enhance your profile, you can always search for the relevant keywords on the LinkedIn search and view the top profiles that showed up.

Identify how others have used these keywords – and try to formulate your profile around a similar rubric.

The Perfect LinkedIn Profile
Source: https://www.uagc.edu/

6. Show Interest to those Interested in You

LinkedIn has an amazing feature where you can see who has viewed your profile. Of course, a major reason for someone to view your profile is – they’re interested in you or your business. In such cases, it is a great option to track down the viewer with the help of email notifications. 

This will certainly help you connect with potential customers – and, thus, grow your business.

7. Knowledge and Opinions Are Best when Shared

A great way to show your presence on the internet is by sharing relatable content. So, if you want to make yourself more discoverable, you will have to publish an opinion or a short article on your LinkedIn feed. This content should be engaging and should be able to gain the attention of many readers. Mostly, informative content is appreciated on LinkedIn.

8. LinkedIn Premium Leads to Premium Growth

LinkedIn Premium allows you to search by company size, function, and seniority level. So, if you are looking to narrow down your search for the niche market, LinkedIn provides you with the features to do that.

Find out the benefits of the LinkedIn Premium Company Page.

9. Be Curious

An effective way to advertise yourself on LinkedIn is through asking questions from your connections. It is essential to engage with those connected with you on LinkedIn because it leads to creating relationships with potential customers.

10. LinkedIn Pulse – The Pulse of Your Business

If you don’t already know, LinkedIn Pulse is a news platform on LinkedIn. It even comes as a separate application. Publishing articles on LinkedIn Pulse helps you reach a larger audience than you would on your blog. LinkedIn Pulse is your path to becoming an industry expert.

Check out our latest post on LinkedIn Pulse featuring our BDM, Mike Carter

11. Visuals are More Attractive

Using photos and short videos in your LinkedIn posts certainly makes it more appealing – thus, leading to more engagement. People may not read a long text but will watch a short 15-second video or read a quote. 

So, grab the attention of readers with attractive visuals!

Final Words

So, we hope these tips and tricks help you in generating greater leads through LinkedIn. It’s not just about professionalism anymore. Many businesses such as HubSpot have generated 400% more leads on LinkedIn than on any other channel. 

LinkedIn truly has the potential to boost your list of leads as it lets you target the niche audience in multiple ways. We hope you can kick start your journey to enhance leads with the tips we just gave you!

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