5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource B2B Lead Generation

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource B2B Lead Generation (Featured Image)

Businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales than those who don’t. While your business can’t afford to throw away half of its revenue, you may be concerned that it can’t pay for a specialist agency to generate its leads. However, getting the specialists, or lead generation services providers, to handle your sales is not only a cost-effective way of making money for your business, but it also gives you access to a lot more than a sales team – as I explain below.

1. Lead generation companies do a lot more than you think

Do you have reservations about using an external company for B2B lead generation because you think they’ll take your money and run? That it’ll make a couple of calls and leave it at that? Well, it might surprise you to discover that not only will they deliver you results, but they’ll deliver them in a variety of ways.

Lead generation companies may specialize in one area, but often they are multi-facet experts who can cover all of the following services:

While you may think you’re hiring a company to get you more sales (and you’d be right), as you’ve seen from the services above, investing in a lead generation agency can bring a lot more benefit to your organization than just new business.

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2. Contacts and data mean they speak to the right people

One of the main problems companies encounter with an in-house outreach program is the resources they have. Good lead generation is about speaking to the right people at the right time and that comes down to having the correct contacts and data – resources that allow an outsourced lead generation company to speak to the right people.

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I’ll explain the value of resources to you by using the example of Callbox: Callbox has a large in-house database of over 44 million business contacts from companies across the world. This means it can select from a much wider source of sales leads than your business is able to. Callbox also has 300 data specialists, meaning it can determine which leads are qualified.

Buying access to the contacts and data owned by a B2B agency is a quick way of getting the resources you need to generate the leads your company wants. You could direct your own workers to generate leads, but it would take them time to build up a contact list and develop the analytical skills to separate the good leads from the bad.

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3. It lets you focus on the things that have to be done in-house

Whatever area of B2B your business operates in, one thing will ring true – the thing that generates revenue for your company is its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Why? Because it’s the asset you possess which can’t be bought elsewhere. If you want to generate as much money as possible for your business then you need to focus as much of your resources as possible on its USP.

Outsourcing your lead generation to an agency allows you to do precisely that.

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4. Results, results, results (that can be reviewed more efficiently)

The commission is one of the key features of sales. It gives the sales team an incentive to win more business and takes some of the costs away from the person paying for the service. Outsourced B2B lead generation agencies are sales companies at heart and many of them use a commission-based fee structure. They are geared towards delivering the results your business demands from its lead generation strategy.

Result for sales Illustration

Like other services which you pay for to advance your business – such as pay-per-click (PPC), or social media marketing (the latter being something you can get from an outreach agency) – your results are presented as detailed reports that are set against metrics. This means you can see exactly where the campaigns run by your outreach team have succeeded (or failed, as will occasionally be the case from any lead generation strategy).

The result is that you can effectively review your B2B campaigns and make sure there is an ongoing improvement in the number and quality of your leads – especially if you’ve selected an outreach agency that’s working on commission, as it has a vested interest in generating you more and better leads.

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5. It’s a cost-effective way of winning more leads for your business

Every business has visible costs – if a company has an office then people know it has to be paid for, if it has staff then outsiders are aware that they earn a salary. But there are many costs hidden away from the public eye, such as insurance, training, sick days, and software. Outsourcing your B2B lead generation allows you to strip away some of these, making it a cost-effective way of earning you money.

If you’re running a B2B ecommerce company, lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. However, it’s not always that easy to generate enough leads to keep your business profitable. Setting up an email list, creating a sales funnel, launching offers, and creating lead capturing assets are just some of the many tactics you can use to find prospects for your business – but these all require significant expertise and investment.

A lead generating agency, on the other hand, focuses on driving growth for e-commerce businesses. And that’s all they concentrate on. An agency also has its own dedicated staff and optimized systems that are fine-tuned to develop hot leads. Conversely, If you want to carry out your own leads you’ll need to hire and train staff to do it or do it yourself – each of which costs time and takes your resources away from your business’s USP.

Before choosing a lead generation agency, it’s important to do your research. If possible, scan reviews, and testimonials, and ask for referrals. At the same time, it’s advisable to ask your preferred outsource partner questions about their processes, and tools, whether they have their own customer relationship management (CRM) software, and if it will be able to integrate with your B2B CMS for a seamless experience. In B2B, an individual sales lead or a sale can be worth a lot of capital, so really put some thought into the customer experience journey pre and post-sale.

While there’s no hiding the fact that using an outreach agency does cost you money, it also saves your business money too. So unless you want to pay the true cost of generating your own leads, you’ll be wise to pass on the hidden costs to the experts.

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All businesses want to keep costs low and plenty think the answer is to look after everything in-house.

While there are some things that must be kept in-house, many tasks can be outsourced and dealt with cheaper and more effectively by specialist companies. B2B lead generation is one example of a vital business component that can be outsourced.

So review the five reasons I’ve outlined in this article and if you can’t find a genuine counter to them, get in touch with a lead generation agency today.

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