How to Lose a Deal: 6 Sales Prospecting Pitch Mistakes

Sales prospecting pitches can bring new business and clients to your door when done right. 

If you are in sales, you cannot do away with doing prospecting pitches. Yet, have you wondered why no matter how hard you tried to sound convincing, you have not yet made a single sale? 

Your prospecting pitch might sound great to you. But, have you ever asked yourself if the people you are talking to feel the same? 

For all you know, they might be annoyed by your sales pitch. It is difficult to know whether you are delivering a great pitch or an irritating one. Here are the most annoying types of prospecting pitches that you must avoid.

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Immediate pitch

Have you met someone in an elevator who immediately delivered a sales pitch as soon as the door closed? You feel like getting out of the elevator at the next stop, right? The problem is your destination is the 40th floor and you are still on the tenth floor. Being trapped with someone desperate to make a sale is one of the worst experiences one can have.

Immediate pitches do not just happen in elevators, but also on social media platforms. Maybe you have experienced someone asking you to connect or accept an invite. Once you do, you are suddenly bombarded with emails convincing you to buy a certain product as well as invites to the fan page of a certain business.

This strategy can be annoying. Instead of reading the letters, a prospect might just ignore your emails and messages. It is important to earn a prospect’s trust and establish rapport with them before launching on a sales pitch.

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Generic pitch

You are in the middle of a general house cleaning when the phone rings. The moment you pick up the phone, you hear a familiar line, the usual sales pitch you get. Chances are you might put down the phone.

Using a generic sales pitch can make the person at the other end of the line bored. They have heard the same lines from other sales reps trying to make a sale. Using the same pitch over and over again shows that you never exerted any effort to make your pitch exciting and interesting. 

Why not personalize the pitch by using the prospect’s first name? You can also do some research to learn what he needs and try to sell those items to him. A unique and interesting pitch will most likely convert a prospect into a customer.

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The bossy pitch

Do you always sound like a boss? Do you tell people what they should in your emails and other platforms? You can avoid sounding bossy by getting rid of the word “should” in all your sales pitches. Remember that you are the one who needs your time and money. They are your bosses, not the other way around.

The “Me” pitch

Are you among those people that love to talk about yourself? This is just normal as it is human nature to talk about one’s self. However, talking too much about your company or your product can bore the prospects. 

They prefer to listen to talks about them, not about you. Minimize talking about the benefits of your products or services. You can talk about general solutions to certain problems and not just your company.

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Faking demand on your pitch.

Prospects are familiar with pitches that they must buy the product because there will be no more stocks soon. Everyone understands that stocks are usually replenished. If there is a shortage, it is not because many people bought the stocks but because of other problems such as shipment and manufacturing issues. People understand this and you cannot get their attention by creating false demand or shortage.

Long pitch

There is a time limit when making pitches. Stick to a one-sentence pitch rather than a paragraph. Your prospects are busy people and spending several minutes listening to you may be too much for them. Make a concise presentation of your product or service. 

Knowing what things you must avoid while pitching will help you make a sale. Consider the tips mentioned and have a successful marketing campaign.

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