Retool Your Sales and Marketing with the Right Tech Stack


As a B2B business owner, you already know how powerful and beneficial technology is in growing your business. Chances are you might have used a number of them already and you are also aware of how dynamic these tools are. They are constantly being upgraded and newer ones are being developed. It is, of course, important and inevitable in our fast-changing world — just look at how fast the COVID-19 pandemic caught all of us in surprise.  

Now that 2021 is just around the corner, it is important to revisit and re-check the tools that you are using in your organization. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Do they need upgrading? 
  • Do you need to change them? 
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of the tools you are using? 
  • Are they what you really need for this coming year? 
  • Better yet, do you have the technology to grow your business in place? 

The Future of B2B 

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our society. In the B2B landscape, technology has helped businesses streamline their work processes and implement their campaigns with utmost efficiency. More so, it has given them more chances of success and helps them save time, money, and effort. 

So what are the tech tools you need to grow your business and pump up your marketing efforts? 

Social media management

Social media wield great influence over B2B consumers. That is why even the most traditional companies make sure they have a social media presence. Through this channel, businesses can get new leads, get closer with their followers, and provide assistance faster. To accomplish these, tools like Hootsuite allow businesses to manage their social media much easier by bringing multiple social media accounts together in one place. 

Website management analysis

Website analytics help you understand your customers more. They tell you what kind of people visit your website, how old they are, their likes and dislikes, what their jobs are, and more. These insights help you build a better experience for your prospects and customers when they come across your brand. 

When it comes to website analysis, tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot Website Grader, and Ahrefs, help you create and publish your content as well as manage and analyze your sites and landing pages.

Email service provider

Email marketing has helped B2B businesses grow (by percentage). Thanks to email automation software — the process becomes simpler and more manageable. Tools like Hootsuite and MailChimp, make it much easier to deploy the latest information about your brand to your clients, followers, and prospects. On the other hand, there are also other tools that help you track and analyze your email campaigns. 

Data and customer relationship management

Managing every aspect of your business is a tall order and a stressful one at that. With CRM tools, however, you can streamline and monitor these processes, helping you understand your customers better. With that insight, you can communicate your brand message better and build more meaningful customer relationships. 

Thriving in the New Year

Each new year brings new challenges but more so this year as we continue to rebuild what’s left from the difficult year we are leaving behind. But with each challenge, there are also solutions and tools that will help us breeze through the difficulties. 

The question is, are you ready to re-arm your business with these tools or you’ll still stubbornly hold on to something that doesn’t work anymore?  Again, the choice is yours!

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