Outsourced Marketing: 5 Activities Best Left to the Experts

Outsourced Marketing: 5 Activities Best Left to the Experts (Featured Image)

Business owners, marketers, and sales managers can’t do everything for themselves nor can they expect their team to do everything. In this day and age, it’s important that you be able to delegate to more specialized teams, it almost always leads to better results. That is why different services are now available in the market like lead generation services, database management, and sales development services.

In this short article, we discuss what marketing activities you should consider outsourcing!

Why Outsource?

Using specialized means to achieve a certain goal is always a primary option because specialization leads to excellent results and efficiencies in the business. Moreover, you have to understand that trying to do something you don’t specialize in doesn’t always yield the best results.

Time is wasted, skills have to be learned, and it is generally inefficient, to say the least.

1. Event Marketing and Planning

Have you ever tried to plan a family vacation with more than five people involved? Yes, you probably know where we are going with this.

Event marketing and planning is a specialized skill set that companies cannot properly pull off. It takes so many moving parts that event planning and marketing can be considered large and growing in the industry today.

People at event / trade show

For things like this, you’re better off hiring people that are specialized so that your team and yourself can attend your events and really be in the moment.

In addition, we’ve never heard of a party planning division in a traditional office, the best option is to leave it to HR, but even they do not specialize in it.

2. Customer Care and Support

Customer care is a tricky topic, but we’ll give you the benefits of allowing it to be outsourced.

Dealing with people requires a certain skill set and personality profile that you cannot just hire people off of the street and teach them to be truly altruistic or caring towards others. There are personality types involved and the hiring process is way too complex for an ordinary startup.

Although you could answer calls and emails as they come, once you start to grow they soon become way too demanding for you to deal with. When you hire customer care, you know that the agents assigned to your company are already previously trained in customer service and you have to do make sure they are trained with the workings of your company.

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3. Lead Generation and Data Profiling

Lead generation is one of the biggest roadblocks to a growing company but the good news is that there are companies that specialize in this. You get to take advantage of in-house algorithms and established databases, and you get industry expertise that can only be gained through experiences.

Data profiling is another large obstacle that you have to overcome because it deals with data management. This is not a small feat for any company.

If you feel as if you’re already spreading yourself too thin, there is no harm in taking advantage of resources that are readily available to you through other B2B lead generation companies.

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4. Appointment Setting

Appointment setting and lead verification is another service that you can outsource because it’s repetitive and needs to employ experienced people who know exactly what they are doing.

In fact, many companies have made savings in allowing business process outsourcing services to do this for them. It’s a more systemized approach that allows you to take advantage of the infrastructure that’s already in place.

Making appointments isn’t easy, not only do you require specialized personnel, but even the headsets that appointment setters use have to be procured at higher prices that it is easier to have someone else do it away from the company.

5. Customer Research/Phone Surveys

Just as the example with appointment setting, phone surveys, and customer research is a call-based endeavor that does require specialized personnel and infrastructure. However, it also deals with data gathering and specific forms of data processing.

Meeting discussing research and survey results

Utilizing another company to do this for your frees up your time and resources to work on your own enterprise, plus it gives you the benefit of being more efficient with time as a resource. It will allow you to multitask and have the research ready for you to make actionable decisions.

Another added benefit of this is allowing yourself distance from the data so you have unbiased results to make knowledgeable decisions on.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits in allowing some business activities to be outsourced to other people. You do not only get the savings in resources and time, but you take advantage of experience, skills, and expertise, that your company is not well versed in.

The goal of any enterprise is excellence in its given field. If you want to do a better job, you have to make sure that you are also allowing yourself an avenue to find better people to do it for you. Want the easiest way to outsource your activities? Why don’t you try with the basics such as appointment setting.

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