Content Intelligence: Leveraging Data and AI to Create Smarter Content

Content Intelligence: Leveraging Data and AI to Create Smarter Content

We live in a time where what were once buzzwords have become pet projects of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Artificial intelligence, content intelligence, and big data are just some of the phrases that are actually turning into realities that we have never realized would become anything apart from buzzwords when they first came out.

As they are becoming “more real” day-by-day, we often ask ourselves the question of how we would be able to leverage these advances in technology in our marketing strategies, especially in the realm of creating content intelligence. In this article, we will be exploring content intelligence and its various implications in the world.

The idea of utilizing big data and creating intelligent content does not even have to involve a million-dollar investment. At the present technology, we only have limited tools available, but we can utilize a lot of these tools in leveraging content for maximum results.

Content Intelligence

The tools we have now will allow us to analyze the current content and compare it to what we are planning on producing.

It would be easier for you to think of it this way, content marketing is an expensive process, and it is better for any content marketer to leverage their resources in making sure that the content has the potential to make a difference in the campaigns that are currently being run.

It goes beyond only analyzing the content that we have as we have tools available that can explain the content of our competitors – making placement and competitor research a more intuitive process that allows time for marketers to adapt and create openings for their marketing strategies.

We usually rely on a variety of tools for keyword research, determining densities, checking for statistical feedback on how content is performing and a bunch of other factors. Picking out blog topics has also become technical as we can now do competitor research and find out what’s working for the rest of the pack.

However, in the future imagine if everything from content research, keyword planning and boosting content is produced automatically by some form of artificial intelligence.

For other applications, we know that the linking of big data and statistical modeling combined with artificial intelligence yields actionable decision-making data. So imagine all of this applied to the field of Internet marketing and content creation.

We are probably looking at a world where writers and marketers don’t have to bend over backward to determine content that sells.

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Problems with AI and Big Data

It might sound like a hot topic, and nothing can bring it down, but we have to face an inevitable reality, the technology has not advanced that far. However, there is a “yet.” Although the technology is still in its infancy, the current predictions for the future look great, and the ball is already rolling.

We might now have a system that tells you what to produce and create next, but we are working towards that goal. Multinationals such as IBM, Google, and Amazon are all in the process of developing systems in the future, and there is a lot of investment being made in big data and AI. Big data has already been making more significant strides than AI.

However, even if we do not have anything as advanced as what they show in Tinseltown just yet, we seem to be almost there. The problems that we are having now are just reminiscent of the issues that we had with prior technologies before.

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The Future of Content Intelligence

In the future, we are all expecting that we can have tools that can analyze current and competitor content for us and make decisions on our next course of actions. Of course, we would indeed be delighted if there was also an artificially intelligent system that would create the content for us.

However, a more realistic overview is if the content can be analyzed and some predictive form of performance can be generated based on the current needs that we have. This allows for content marketers to have more control over the content that they push out and provides for predictive analytics. This aids in the overall preparation of the business in the work that has to be done.

Ideally, in the future, we can probably expect that we would have access to big data analytics that can predict future performance through the automatic analysis of past indicators. Of course, it will still require the human touch to perfect these products, but we believe that it is more than just a possibility.

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The possibility of doing the computational analysis for your content determining the next set of actions for your marketing campaign, now that’s any content marketer’s dream indeed.

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