Communication Solutions: How to Succeed as a B2B Telemarketer and not as a Chatterbox

Communication Solutions- How to Succeed as a B2B Telemarketer and not as a Chatterbox

Communication is as essential as air. And as organic beings, we have this impulse to talk or write or gesture, due to the fact that “no man is an island” (unless you are Tom Hanks living on one with a volleyball for a best friend).

Moreover, human ingenuity has created ways in which we can surmount the geographic boundaries that challenge B2B telemarketers from achieving a closed sale. We have telephones now, and that’s a good thing.

But still, as much as we want to praise such innovations, we are still confronted by the psychology involved in making a done deal with a client.

Fortunately, here are some basic telemarketing ground rules to guide you before you go on a warm call campaign.

Show respect; Earn respect. Telemarketers are one of many groups subject to jokes at the office water cooler or the local watering hole. The fact that they are “annoying” or at times “needy” have prompted many prospects to simply hang up, say “I don’t have time for this,” or make wise cracks just for the hell of it. It may sound rather discouraging to aspiring sales reps, but really, the problem is more in the approach. Aggressiveness is a driving force for success. But if you take it to the extreme, it can only be misconstrued as annoying. Thus, always think of your clients as busy people who have a lot of time in their hands, and they may think of you with high esteem.

Be cordial. This could be listed under the previous item, but we should examine it as an independent fact. Being polite is the same as being professional. You want to be decent because you want your customers to know that you are not a typical B2B salesperson. As a matter of fact, you are talking to your client as a provider of solutions, whether the issues involve customer relations management or IT products for shipping companies.

Be clear and concise. There is a thin film separating annoyance and an actual purchase. And it would take a wrong choice of words to puncture through that film and lose a potential buyer. Telemarketers are supposed to be masters of the spoken word. Whether you are reading through a call script or invoking the powers of spontaneous sales speak, you should be able to talk about your company’s offers clearly and reasonable without striking a mental chord.

There are perhaps many more tips where these three came from, but these would suffice to give you that edge to in making communication work between buyer and seller.

Finding the right Telemarketer: Are “people skills” really important?

Finding the right Telemarketer- Are “people skills” really important

People skills, or interpersonal skills, are one of those attributes that you either have or don’t have – there’s no ‘in between’. Some people just have the flair for playing well with others, while the rest are just not good at it.

It is believed by many, though, that people skills are imperative to career success. Makes sense, considering that any job entails interacting with people (unless you’re a zookeeper or a lone astronaut in space, and even then, you’d still need to talk to someone).

A Forbes article says there are at least 20 people skills that we have to learn in order for us to succeed at work. This includes strong communication and negotiation skills, good sense of humor, good manners, and awareness of body language. That’s a mouthful, if you think about it.

When hiring a telemarketer for your B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaigns, would you screen an applicant based on people skills? If so, how is that even measured? Would you hire a person on the sole basis of being an extrovert?

Telemarketing is inherently a conversation-based marketing medium, and it’s only logical to note that being a “people person” is favorable. But remember, we are in the business-to-business sphere.

Is it fair to conclude that someone who is a bit stern and straitlaced doesn’t have the capacity to succeed in telemarketing?

Fact: There are also downsides to being a “people person”.

According to Psychology Today, outgoing and sociable people tend to listen less, because of their innate need to seek attention. They are more susceptible to being self-centered individuals, which makes them find it difficult to genuinely relate with others.

This can also cause them to become intrusive. They have the tendency to cut off a person while talking, because they’d rather be listened to than listen to others. In the world of telemarketing, a short attention span is a no-no.

Wouldn’t you rather hire someone who enjoys listening? Someone who thrives on analyzing things before making an action? Someone who has the ability to focus, making him see things that others can’t? Someone who is very good at one-on-one conversations than talking in front of a crowd?

People skills are useful when you want to entertain your prospect and leave a pleasant impression before hanging up the phone. But if you want telemarketers who truly listen and give full attention to your prospects, you may want to change your hiring criteria.

How To Start An Interesting Blog For Your Small Business

This week, we’re going to tackle the basics of how to set up your own blog for your business. A good blog will attract quality sales leads using your content and can eventually become the main lead generation channel of your business.

Every day, there are about 2 blogs created every second around the world, and a significant percentage of these blogs are by beginners. Due to the popularity of online entrepreneurship, most of these blogs are probably connected to a company website from a fledgeling business, much like yours. If you really want to make a significant dent in your target niche, then you have to make sure that your company blog will be able to attract your sales leads. To help your businesses get better returns for your efforts on blogging, we have provided here the essential tips on how to start a company blog from scratch.

The best way to start a blog is by using available free platforms for blogging, the most popular of which are WordPress and Blogger. Both platforms have their own strengths; Blogger, being affiliated with Google, allows for faster integration with Google-owned business tools while WordPress, being a bit more for professionals, offers more customizability for your blog. Using free hosting sites such as these will save you from the expense of purchasing the services of a hosting company. If you have funds set aside for you blog however, you can make use of a self-hosted WordPress blog for a few dollars, the cheapest web hosting service being about $3-$4 a month.

After you’ve selected a good blogging platform, it’s now time to create the design of your blog. A free hosted blog provides free templates from which you can choose and easily apply to your site. A self-hosted blog will let you create a more customized blog or, if you want, you can hire a web designer to design your blogsite for you from scratch. This is the best choice if you want to integrate your blog design to that of your website.

The important things to consider about design are:

  • It should be user friendly – you don’t want your sales leads to have a hard time finding previous or recent posts on your blog, much the the RSS button.
  • The colors should be appealing to the eyes and, ideally, reflect the colors from your website.
  • It would be best if you have a responsive design for your blog so that the template automatically adjusts when your leads view your blog through their mobile devices.
  • All elements of the site should load quickly so that your readers won’t bounce off, so as much as possible, keep flash designs to a minimum.
  • Integrate good SEO tactics like using meta and title tags in the framework of your blog to make it search engine friendly.

Do not forget to include a call to action on your blog. A splash page which instructs your viewers to sign up for newsletters will allow you to easily add them to your business list in case you have to email them or need your telemarketer to call them about product updates.

The next post will be all about what to write on your blog, what your posts are about, and how to make these easily searchable through search engines.