The Many Faces of Appointment Setter

When it comes to engaging sales prospects, it is vital to have a proper understanding of the approaches typically applied. It all boils down to the types of appointment setters that comprise your team.

As appointment setter types vary, you must find out their strength to maximize their fullest potential.  Let’s get a closer look with this infographic!



The Many Faces of an Appointment Setter

The Friend

This one focuses more on building B2B relationships on solid soil. Conversations are natural and warm, centering on specific industry issues impacting the prospect.

The Call-to-Action Devotee

A self-starter, this appointment setter is driven by a sense of urgency and authority. “Have problems? We have surefire solutions. Find out more in our next contact!”

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 The Smooth Talker

The conversation takes a brief five minutes, just enough for this cocktail of charm and confidence to take your breath away. Personality is his weapon of choice; winning you over, his sole motivation.

The Determined Veteran

No amount of rejections can demoralize her. She already went through the toughest deals and is ever ready to close more. Get some!

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The Loyalist

Whatever industry this appointment setter serves, he is dedicated to results. His loyalty to B2B marketing and sales drives him to do better each day.

The Social Shrink

A true incarnation of an expert, she is an analyst that knows the trade like the back of her hand. She knows her way around a conversation while preventing it from drifting out of context.


Often, optimum conversions is possible if you have an appointment setter that assumes all six personalities depending on the situation. 

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Hiring a B2B Appointment Setting Company? Consider these first

Hiring a B2B Appointment Setting Company Consider these first

One of the most crucial parts of processing B2B leads is being able to convince potential clients to make time and meet with someone from your company. That meeting is where the fate of the interaction lies, so it’s important that the right people are involved, and that they are scheduled to meet at the right time and for the right reasons.

But before you even get to that point, you need excellent B2B appointment setting. In-house marketers, albeit their knowledge about their own products and services, are not always the right people for the task. That’s why most businesses get help from an appointment setting company.

Of course, if you plan to acquire external services, you need to make sure they’re up to the job. Here are some of the important considerations when acquiring appointment setting services:

Control over the marketing message

Every lead generation services company has its own ‘formula’ in successfully getting appointments from prospects. But this could also mean they have full creative license to make tweaks on the overall message that you want to project to your targets. This could likely lead to an inconsistency, hence it’s important to make sure that before the campaign sets out, you are able to maintain control over the marketing message and general approach of their calls.

Source of data

A telemarketing company usually has its own database of prospects and their contact information. While this is very efficient especially to those who don’t have their own contact lists, it also poses a risk. How accurate is their ‘proprietary database’? Where do they get it? Do they honor the DNC Registry? Are they targeting the right niche? ANd most important of all, will they sell your appointments to your competitors? Before hooking up with a firm, make sure you have these loopholes covered.

Payment vs. worth of appointments

Most firms have fixed amounts being charged either on a per-appointment or monthly basis. The question is, how difficult is your campaign, and will be worth paying that amount for a particular number of appointments? The fact is that no matter how easy or challenging your industry is to penetrate, you will still be billed the same price. Now if you’re paying handsomely per appointment that could easily be generated 10-20 times in a week, you could lose your budget. Before you commit, make sure your money is worth the spend.

How To Keep Your Star Appointment Setters From Quitting


While we all know that B2B appointment setting can be a very profitable job, the level of stress can be pretty high. So do not be surprised if the turnover rate for people given this job is also high. Still, you should try your best to keep your employees working for you.

Yes, you can get replacement, but you have to admit that training new people responsible for finding, generating, and nurturing sales leads can be a costly and time-consuming affair. The effort of hiring new people is also impractical in today’s highly competitive business environment. In this case, how will you keep the ones you already have? Here is how you do it:

    1. Skills improvements – B2B lead generation can be a boring and routine work, one that seems not to have much in terms of rewards. While you may offer them additional monetary perks, another more effective means for you is to give them opportunities to improve their skills. Besides, you really have to help them improve, if you want them to stay competitive in the market.


    1. Communicate more – this is especially true when conducting telemarketing campaigns, where the need for constant discussion between you and your marketers is necessary. You have to ensure that the information they share, as well as the policies they need to follow, are properly relayed to. And if there are changes that needed done, you also have to tell them immediately. Also, your marketers would feel more appreciated when they know they can easily get in touch with you. It is a simple, but greatly appreciated, practice for your employees.


    1. Give opportunities to advance – when people are asked why they leave their jobs after so long, there will be those saying that they left because ‘they have no opportunity’ to advance. As the business manager or owner, it is your job to let them know that they have a future with you. Give them opportunities to advance, or let them know that they can be in a better position in the future. If your people are that good enough, then it would really be a waste if they leave.


    1. Use a better management style – another reason why appointment setters leave can also be blamed to the management style that you have. You might be too strict, or maybe too lenient that they do not see any reason to listen to you. When that happens, your marketing efforts will be much harder to organize, let alone manage.


  1. Help them achieve a work-life balance – no matter what you do, there will always be a part of your employees’ lives that still enters the workplace. It is how you manage them all and help them deal with their personal issue that makes all the difference in their still staying with you. If you can provide them the opportunities to stay in your company, and still be able to help them live their private lives, can be a great help for them.

It is not that hard to keep your appointment setting team to stay. You just have to know how to do it.

How To Keep Your Top Appointment Setters


All right, this is a point that a lot of businesses would need to deal with. You see, appointment setting is no easy task. If you want to generate qualified sales leads, you need to put the best people on the job. Now, let us assume that you have the best people already on deck. Surely, you have the top performers in that crowd. Considering that the profitability of your business rests on those who could bring in more B2B leads, you would want to keep them.

But how will you do that? What can you use to motivate them? We all know that money is not the long-term solution. So what is it? What should you do?

  1. Give them something new – the best performing marketers in your team are definitely those with the smarts, the energy, as well as curiosity. They want to learn and try new things, constantly challenging themselves. You can provide them that, tapping into their skills. For example, you can ask for their ideas on affordable ways to handle stress in your B2B lead generation floor.
  2. Give them extra visibility – your top sellers are definitely those who love to be in the spotlight. You can give them that by putting them in high-visibility projects, or you can put them in-charge of a sales team. You should also praise them for a job well-done, as well as provide them an opportunity to interact with other, high-performing, members of your company.
  3. Give them mentors – even if they are the best performers in your company, you still need to give them more exposure or training in their jobs. You can do that by providing them mentors, those who have been there and have done that, and let them share with your top performers their experience in the business. You might be surprised at what they can learn from your veterans.
  4. Give them responsibilities and rewards – there are many ways to keep your best performers to stay with you. One of these is giving them more responsibilities. For example, you can turn them into leaders of your telemarketing teams. If they fail to reach their targets, it becomes a learning opportunity for them. If they succeed, then it is only proper that you reward them. It could be any form (cash or the like), but what is important here is that you recognize their efforts.
  5. Give them chances for advancements – the thing about marketing, and why top marketers leave your company, is the perceived lack of advancement opportunities for them. Not that you have to promote them all the time, but you should make the effort in telling them that they can advance in the company in different ways (like a different job title and a higher salary grade) or be given the opportunity to handle other teams and help them reach their goals.

To be honest, there are a lot of ways for you to keep your top performing lead generation specialists. What is important is that you are honest with them and that you can provide them what they need.